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Promotion open until 11:59 PM on December 18, 2020

Free food Samples & special.

Samples are the best way to promote great food.
Product giveaways and allowing potential customers to sample a product are methods used often by companies to introduce new food.

– You get to enjoy seeing people taste your food for the first time.
– Their input lets you keep improving.
– You’ll get ideas for pairing and future products.
– You bond with customers to build affinity and likelihood of repeat purchase.

Free Samples
Appleseed Food Frontiers uses this method with great success. By providing samples to all customers we encourage customers to buy products they may not have considered before. Small businesses don’t have the budget that Appleseed Food Frontiers does but can still provide free samples to customers.
Every month we put together a new selection of treats for you, which will be sent – free of delivery charges – straight to your doorstep.

Do you have a new product that you’re trying to sell? Give out samples! This works best with food and drink. People like something they can try before buying.

Promotion open until 11:59 PM on December 18, 2020

Limited stock only go and grab the sample.

To get this offer follow the steps below

•For offer page copy paste on browser https://appleseedfood.com/free-food-samples/free-shrimp-crackers-sample/

•Fill the form

•Select  submit

•get your sample

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