How to verify paypal account using debit card for indian users

Small online business owners,bloggers,product sellers needs a trusted way

of money transfer online, so many online companies prefer paypal payment

but however some companies prefer direct credit card purchase. For purchase

of Hosting or Domain name from Godaddy recommends paypal. When many of

indian students start their life online for many purposes, Basic purpose is

for Earning money, Purchasing. Students actually may not be able to get

credit card, Because Credit card holder should be earning or be employed

and his Bank balance should be not less than Rs.10,000.So all people will

prefer debit card for purchase. and here the question arise, shall i use

debit card for getting approved in paypal= no for many developing

countries. As of my experience i also started online life in college days

and experienced the same difficulties. When i started using paypal i used

Corporation Banks Debit card for approval but it doesn't worked, at that

time i got paid by (PPC). The amount is not auto withdrawn to my bank

account, They charged a fee of $5 and i don't know the way to pay and

finally i found some ways to pay online by using International debit card

not just Atm debit card. International debit card can be used in foreign

Atms also. I used Axis banks Debit card for approval through Entropays

(VCC).What next? These are some solutions below.

You have to satisfy two verification on PayPal account:
  • Confirm bank account for auto withdrawal
  • Confirm credit/debit card


This is an online company which you can trust providing your

International debit card details to load money to your (VCC) Virtual Credit

Card which they provide to you for online usage. you use that credit cards

number to get approved from paypal.As i already told, you cannot use normal

ATM Debit card.I got approved through this method.

B. SBI International Golden debit card and Corporation Bank International Golden Debit card:

Golden debit card has got some features like credit card, you need to maintain

required balance according to their terms and conditions. Here you can face

some problems, it will be provided in all urban banks. But some times you

have to explain bank representatives in rural banks to request for Golden

debit card. Because they don't have that much power like urban banks.

C. Kotak Mahindra Net card:

These kind of virtual visa cards are one time usage, and this is not

recommended according to paypals Terms and Conditions.For purchasing

anything online You may face few bigger problems, Because paypal uses your

credit card directly for please be carefull about it. You can use it for verification but secondly not for other purchases.

D.  HDFC Net safe card:
     Hdfc net safe card is virtual credit card and it is as same as Kotak mahindra net card. You have to load money to your net safe card with an amount to verify your paypal account. For verification paypal deduct $1.95 from your net safe card. for more details click here Hdfc net safe.  

E. E-wallet of ICICI branch free banking account:

It is an online account of zero balance facility you won't get passbooks,

no plastic ATM card,etc. Its an Virtual Credit Card for online shopping.

But it is branch free banking facility is available in few cities of

india.You can use this as normal credit card to get approved in paypal and

also purchase online. It is legal to use in paypal. I have to say this, at

present ICICI bank is not approving this type of accounts. If you want more

details about ICICI b2 account E-wallet you go on to their site.

If any one knows other way for paypal verification, provide it here and it

will be more helpfull for blogosphere.I am eager to hear your method of

paypal verification.

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