How to check website ranking, list of websites do site ranking //

How to check website ranking, list of websites do site ranking
Author: Pradeep  Date: Aug 2017  Edited: Jan 2020.

When we publish a post in a site we simply have to 
make it reach more audience, for that we want and look for popular sites because these are the ones that are working and established in the network, these are not only the reason also spontaneous in clearing the queries, being active and openly knowing that website will be working online for ever in future and traffic flow of the site. While no ranking algorithm is perfect and we can never be sure that the sites we have picked are good ones or that they will remain so in the future. But still we will have a fair idea how they are performing by using ranking system.

Here are some list of website ranking services :

1. Popular Website :- Alexa

Alexa works in a system of arranging websites in a list, with reference to their rank numbering and not by category. The most popular sites, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter are at the top. The concept here is that the lower the Alexa ranking numbers, the more popular the site is. Sites with Alexa ranking under 10K are considered exceptionally popular. Sites with Alexa ranking of 10K to 30K have very good popularity. Sites of Alexa ranking up to 100K do get more than decent traffic. It could be speculated that good sites span up to 200-250K and everything after this ranks are sites with low traffic.
How to check website ranking, list of websites do site ranking

It is best if you use Alexa together with Page Rank website. While there is some correlation between the two, it is not an exemption to find sites with Page Rank 5 and Alexa of more than 100K, or with PR 4 or 3 and Alexa over a million. Just cross-check a site in two or more ranking services and this will allow you to  determine its relevance. One of the best options of Alexa is that it also allows to see which country the majority of a website's traffic comes from. Alexa also offers the trendline for a site over time.

2. Page Rank (PR) :
Google provides Page Rank service and it is the most popular way to measure the quality and popularity of a site but this alone isn't enough to give us the correct idea if a site is good or not. There are too many sites with inflated Page Rank, so we can't trust PR alone.

How Page Rank Works ?

Page Rank working method is categorization of websites. When explaining this method in detail, they divide websites into 11 categories with ranks from 0 to 10, Say your site is about selling coffee beans your site will be listed in the category where most of your website content talks about. Respectively the other categories are listed, plus the N/A category of sites that are not included in the ranking as well.

The concept is that the higher the Page Rank, the better the site. Sites that have a Page Rank of 10 are very rare. Sites with Page Rank of 7-9 are more common but still they are a minority because this page rank denotes a very high quality site. If a site has a Page Rank of 5 or 6, this means this site is viewed by Google as a quality site. PR of 3 and 4 are for sites that are about the average. PR of 0 to 2 are for sites that are below the average.

3. CompeteComScoreQuantcast  :

Compete, Comscore, Quantcast are not as same as the first two services because they gather their data from a sample of 2 million US users only but still it helps to get an idea if a site is popular in the US or not.

When you analyze Compete data, you will notice that frequently sites with good Page Rank and Alexa listings are almost unheard of in the United States so, will get a least rank. This site will be useful for U.S local business analyzers.
Comscore is more useful when you plan your advertising budget than when you are looking for sites to get backlinks from, even though the top sites on the Internet are present in ComScore's lists too.

Quantcast isn't very reliable because there are millions of great sites that don't use its services but still it is one more service to check, if you are wondering if a site is good or not.

4. MozTrust and MozRank :

MozTrust, MozRank, together with DomainAuthority and PageAuthority are all methodologies developed by SEOmoz, one of the most reputed names in SEO.

Therefore, it can be concluded that these two metrics are very useful for SEO purposes. MozTrust measures the global link trust score, while MozRank measures link popularity. The more reputable a site's backlinks are, the higher the MozTrust score. Both MozTrust and MozRank use scales from 1 to 10 and here the ranking system is the higher, the better popularity.

5. CustomRank :

CustomRank provides a service that combines several metrics at once to offer a joint ranking. At present, the services it aggregates are MozTrust, MozRank, PageAuthority, DomainAuthority, Alexa, as well as some other metrics, such as load times, date created, and whether it is listed in DMOZ. The good thing about CustomRank is that it tries to balance one service with the other to provide a fair rating. Trust-able site for ranking purposes.

6. Google Trends :

Google Trends is mainly searches volume of keywords but one of its less known uses is to compare how two sites fare over time or in different regions. So, if you have some sites you want to get past data for, so that you can predict their possible future popularity, you can do it with Google Trends.

7. Ranking :

Ranking is one more service to consider, It's kind of limited because only the top one million websites are included but if the site you are interested in may not be on the list, this speaks a lot about its popularity. Ranking collects its data from an IE browser toolbar, which means the data is skewed because no Firefox, Apple or any other users are part.

This top 7 list of ranking services are not limited to, but these are the ones that are more or less the top ones. Compare them with 3 or more together to determine if a site is good for backlinks. Some of these services are available as Firefox extensions, chrome extensions too.

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