How will you control your emotions while trading? Servicebloggers

Trading under emotions is a gateway to self harm your health and wealth loss is eminent.

Markets are witnessing an exhilarating run, with both the Sensex and Nifty touching new highs. The raging bull run has added to investors' wealth, and though valuations appear frothy, current times are proving to be one of the best for most market participants. Markets have handsomely rewarded those who have been patient and remained committed to their investments. Even traders who got their calls right have been able to make significant gains.

However, there's one essential thing that you need to control while trading, which in itself is a deft art - emotions. Controlling emotions while trading can prove to be the difference between success and failure. So why should you reign control over your emotions during trading? Let's find out.

QR code scams at shops //servicebloggers

The digital age has offered a lot of conveniences, especially when it comes to online payments. More and more users now use payment apps and online banking to shop, pay bills, and transfer money. However, this has also resulted in an increase in cyber fraud. Here are a few practices to follow so that you don't fall prey to any cyber scams.

Avoid scanning QR codes – QR codes are now used across retail stores for payment – just scanning the QR code lets you directly transfer money from your account to the merchant. However, a scammer can also use QR codes to have money transferred from your account to theirs from any payment app such as Paytm, Gray, PhonePe etc.

How does it feel like to retire extremely early? How much money needed to retire that early// servicebloggers


There are advantages and of course, there are disadvantage comes along.

I retired in my 40’s, almost a quarter century ago. My wife retired the following year although at a younger age. We had accumulated a nice nest egg. It was nowhere near what the pundits claimed we needed. It was roughly four times our total annual income. That has meant occasions of economic stress, especially in the depths of the Bush crash.

35 Year old Woman retires with almost Rs 5 crores in savings

A woman from the India has retired at the age of 35 after saving nearly (Rs 5 crores) with her husband Pradeepan, 40. They did it by cutting down on their expenses.


Srinivi retired at the age of 35 with Rs 10 core in savings

She used to save her pocket money as she enjoyed watching it grow instead of spending it

Sri now runs a Finance School, Provides a free 10-week online course to help people get control of their finances