Health benefits of consuming jaggery powder:

Blood: Jaggery helps in purifying whole blood if regularly consumed. It helps in enhancing total blood hemoglobin count and boosts immunity
Digestion: Jaggery reduces risk of digestive disorders. It stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and gets converted to the acetic acid in stomach thus speeds up the digestion process. It also provides relief from the indigestion, flatulence, intestinal worms and constipation by stimulating the proper bowel movements.
Bones: When used with milk it properly nourishes and strengthens the bones and joints by reducing joints pain and other bone problems.
Skin: Its richness in the vitamins and minerals makes it able to nourish the whole body especially skin. It makes skin free of wrinkles and spots free by curing problems of pimple and acne.
Pregenancy: Its richness in the iron and folates helps during pregnancy and prevents from anaemia by maintaining the normal level of red blood cells
Menstrual Problems: It helps in curing various menstrual problems among women by providing relief from the stomach pain during periods.
Sperm: With amla powder, it helps in enhancing quality and quantity of semen, reducing weakness, energizing body and treating urinary disorders among men.
Metabolism: Potassium in jaggery helps maintaining the electrolyte balance, improve metabolism and thus aids in weight loss.
Other usage and benefits:
Taking jaggery tea is good habit instead of taking white sugar tea as white sugar is high in calorie having refined sugar which may lead to the serious health disorders if taken on daily basis. Jaggery is good source of iron having less calories and sucrose form of sugar which is not harmful to health.
Taking jaggery with milk provides lots of health and beauty benefits if consumed on daily basis. It helps in making bones so strong and provides relief from the bone and joints problem.
Disadvantages, Side Effects and Precautions
Consumption of the jaggery in higher amount like more than 100 g a day may lead to gain weight. It should be avoided by the people suffering from the diabetes and ulcerative colitis. It should be avoided with radish and fish.
Eating it regularly may fluctuate the blood sugar level which affects the functioning of pancreas thus release of insulin. This fluctuation of blood sugar may affect the functioning of major organs like kidney, eyes, heart and etc.
So, what is the right amount?
Two or Three spoon full of the jaggery powder can be taken every day by the normal person. It is very necessary to eat jaggery within limit if it is eaten on daily basis. If you are not using it regularly, you can have jaggery tea thrice or four times a week, have 11/2 spoon with milk. The amount of jaggery which should be eaten on daily basis depends on the age, health conditions and requirement of the person. If you are older (post 50s) use lesser amount of jiggery like 1 spoon with milk.

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