What if milk is curdled while preparing semiya payasam with jaggery what are the side effects caused by if we eat it

First of all let's know about how to cook semiya Or sev (vermicelli) payasam by using milk and jaggery as added sweetner. A thumb rule for cooking payasam is to cook every ingredients separately and mix it at the end. 

Step 1:

Fry semiya Or sev (Vermicelli) by added ghee in low steam untill it turns into golden brown colour. 

Step 2: 

Fry cashewnuts, dry grapes by adding ghee in pan. 

Step 3:

Boil water together with solid jaggery untill jaggery dissolved totally and boils. 

Step 4:

Boil milk separately, once milk boils add fried semiya into it, cook untill semiya becomes soft and fleshy, then add cashews, grapes and boiled jaggery into this. Heat this in a low steam untill raw smell goes away. If you wanted you may add cardamom powder or whole while frying cashews.

Now let's go to the cons of preparing semiya (Vermicelli) payasam. 

What if milk is curdled while preparing samiya payasam with jaggery what are the side effects caused by if we eat it? 

There are two reasons for curdling to happen: 

1. Using milk after chillness gone (i.e. removing milk from refrigerator and leaving it outside for more than 30 minutes, allowing sufficient time for fermentation to happen). Because milk which we buy from shop was already refrigerated, once normal temperature reached fermentation starts to build up in milk, that results in curdling once we start boiling it.

2. Some acidic natured ingredients used in payasam can cause milk to curdle. 

To avoid curdling while preparing payasam, some doesn't use cow's milk while prepare payasam and only use jaggery together with coconut milk.

However, while preparing traditional semiya payasam keep in mind to avoid the above mentioned two points.

What are the side effects, if we eat curdled payasam? 

As from my personal experience. If you eat in a limit of one glass, nothing will happen. But, if you eat payasam after two days from refrigerator and  heating it, for sure curdling will happen and drinking it may cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

And fortunately by now we know how to avoid curdling of semiya payasam. 

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