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Clone App look alike Zerodha kite for fake trading

Apps that cloned Zerodha's user interface and help traders to screen record fake trading entry and exit, profit-and-loss (P&L) statements. As most of the youtubers use zerodha kite trading platform to record their Live Trading and show their P&L statements. Hence, hackers entered here and made these clone apps available for sale.

This way, people who want to defraud others by showing fake trading P&L statements do not have to Exhaustively photoshop screenshots. Instead, they can simply use these apps to input the profit number they want to show, and generate a counterfeit statement and put it on their Youtube channel, Instragram, Faebook, twitter and other social media platforms to sell their dummy courses for ₹10,000 to ₹2,00,000.

Want to start export/import business? No idea how to start an export business?

Hope this serves the need of your search, India has become a popular destination for import sourcing. India is one of the countries in the top twenty nations of the world in the list of high volume exporting countries and is a world leader in various goods for exports like coffee, tea, spices, and certain gemstones.

First and foremost, you must know how to legally set up the export business in India, and then we shall proceed with the process. To ensure the safe and legal export of goods, the export business must follow a simple process.

What if milk is curdled while preparing semiya payasam with jaggery what are the side effects caused by if we eat it

First of all let's know about how to cook semiya Or sev (vermicelli) payasam by using milk and jaggery as added sweetner. A thumb rule for cooking payasam is to cook every ingredients separately and mix it at the end. 

Step 1:

Fry Semiya Or Sev (Vermicelli) by added ghee in low steam until it turns into golden brown colour. 

Step 2: 

Fry cashew nuts, dry grapes by adding ghee in pan. 

How will you control your emotions while trading? Servicebloggers

Trading under emotions is a gateway to self harm your health and wealth loss is eminent.

Markets are witnessing an exhilarating run, with both the Sensex and Nifty touching new highs. The raging bull run has added to investors' wealth, and though valuations appear frothy, current times are proving to be one of the best for most market participants. Markets have handsomely rewarded those who have been patient and remained committed to their investments. Even traders who got their calls right have been able to make significant gains.

However, there's one essential thing that you need to control while trading, which in itself is a deft art - emotions. Controlling emotions while trading can prove to be the difference between success and failure. So why should you reign control over your emotions during trading? Let's find out.

NPS rules amended: Entry age increased, exit norms revised//

PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) has revised the NPS guidelines on entry and exit, notable changes were on the maximum age limit for joining the NPS from 65 years to 70 years of age. 

The detailed age eligibility for entry in NPS has been revised as 18-70 years from 18-65 years. In short I have also registered in this scheme. 

As a huge relief for late entry pension subscribers in National Pension Scheme (NPS), the PFRDA has revised the rules for those joining it after 65 years of age. In a set of new rules, PFRDA has permitted them to allocate up to 50% of the funds in equity, besides easing the exit norms.

Any Indian citizen and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) in the age group of 65-70 years can also join NPS and continue up to the age of 75 years, according to a PFRDA circular on the revised guidelines.

One of highlighted good news is “Those customers who have closed their NPS accounts have also been permitted to open a new account as per increased age eligibility norms," PFRDA said in a statement. 

The maximum equity exposure, however, will be only 15%, if subscribers joining NPS beyond the age of 65 years decide to invest, will be under the default option without any choices. A customer joining NPS beyond the age of 65 years, can have a choice of PF (pension fund) and asset allocation with the maximum equity exposure of 15 per cent and 50 per cent with respect to Auto and Active Choice.  

The NPS customer has the freedom to allocate his/her contributions to different asset classes through 'Active Choice' or 'Auto Choice'. Under 'Active Choice', the user has more way on allocation of funds across asset classes, while in 'Auto Choice' the funds gets invested in pre-determined proportion as per the age of the utilisers.

The contributions of customers are invested by the PF's (chosen by the customer) in compliance with the investment guidelines for each asset classes; namely equity, corporate bonds, government securities and alternate assets.

Customers joining the social security scheme beyond the age of 65 years can allocate only 5 per cent of the funds to alternate assets under 'Active Choice'. This asset class is not available under the 'Auto Choice' option.

"Important point to note is the PF can be changed once per year, whereas the asset allocation can be changed twice".

Normal maturity exit shall be after 3 years on the exit conditions for customers joining NPS beyond the age of 65 years, the circular said. 

One of the conditions say: The customers will be required to utilise at least 40 per cent of the corpus for purchase of annuity and the remaining amount can be withdrawn as lump sum.

However, if the corpus is equal to or less than ₹5 lakh, the user may opt to withdraw the entire accumulated pension wealth in lump sum.

The other conditions from PFRDA says; exit before the completion of three years will be treated as 'premature exit'. Under premature exit, the customer is required to utilise at least 80% of the corpus for purchase of annuity and the remaining can be withdrawn in lump sum. 

In the case of premature exit, if the corpus is less than ₹2.5 lakh, the customer may opt to withdraw the entire accumulated amount in one go. The PFRDA further said that in case of death of the subscriber, the entire corpus will be paid to the nominee as lump sum.

Other NPS customer's having a specified corpus at the time of retirement or attaining the age of 60 years need to buy an annuity, offered by insurance companies, on a mandatory basis.

Units of measurement explained briefly //

1-ampere: electric current.

2-angstrm: unit of length for the measurement of wavelength.

3-bar: unit of atmosphereic pressure.

4-bel: unit of intensity of sound.

5-calorie: measurment of quantity of heat.

6-candle power: illuminating power of a source of light.

7-centigrade: unit of temperature.

8-centimeter: unit of length.

9-coulomb: electric charge.

10-decibel: intensity.

11-dioptre: power of lense.

12-dyne: unit of force.

Code Developing Vs Youtube video making Vs Blogging: Which Is the Best WFH Career Option in 2021?

In the world of AI aggression, this is a very crucial topic that we had decided to discuss here: Code Developing Vs Blogging Vs YouTube video making. As we are team of blogger's and youtuber's, this field is now like crowded, because it is a free source platform, Covid-19 financial impact pushed many unemployed into these source's. So, it became difficult in making money on these segments.

Now, take an example advertisement like
"whiteHatjunior- let your kids learn coding"

We have to agree that, this is the effect of the amazing marketing skills of our digital marketing industry, as many kids are prone to internet social media, they are not old enough to realize such things. It’s from the peer pressure created by all online learning platforms that are teaching coding from childhood to make the kids’ future bright. I really surprised after watching all the social media, TV commercials promoting this like crazy.

Very Common Abbreviations Used Frequently //

1. *PAN*- permanent account number.
2. *PDF*- portable document format.
3. *SIM*- Subscriber Identity Module.
4. *ATM* - Automated Teller machine.
7. *Wi-Fi*- Wireless fidelity.
8. *GOOGLE* - Global Organization Of Oriented
Group Language Of Earth.
9. *YAHO0*- Yet Another Hierarchical Officious
10. *WINDOW* - Wide Interactive Network
Development for Office work Solution.
11. *COMPUTER* - Common Oriented Machine.
Particularly United and used under Technical and
Educational Research.
12. *VIRUS* - Vital Information Resources Under
13. *UMTS* -Universal Mobile Telecommunicati
ons System.
14. *AMOLED* - Active-matrix organic light-emitting
15. *OLED* - Organic light-emitting diode.
16. *IMEI* - International Mobile Equipment Identity.
17. *ESN* - Electronic Serial Number.
18. *UPS* Uninterruptible power supply.
19. *HDMI* - High-Definition Multimedia Interface.
20. *VPN* - Virtual private network.
21. *APN* - Access Point Name.
22. *LED* - Light emitting diode.
23. *DLNA* - Digital Living Network Alliance.
24. *RAM* - Random access memory.
25. *ROM* - Read only memory.
26. *VGA* - Video Graphics Array.
27. *QVGA* -Quarter Video Graphics Array.
28. *WVGA* - Wide video graphics array.
29. *WXGA* - Widescreen Extended Graphics Array.
30. *USB* - Universal serial Buus.
31. *WLAN* - Wireless Local Area Network.
32. *PPI* - Pixels Per Inch.
33. *LCD* - Liquid Crystal Display.
34. *HSDPA* - High speed down-link packet
35. *HSUPA* - High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.
36. *HSPA* - High Speed Packet Access.
37. *GPRS* - General Packet Radio Service.
38. *EDGE* - Enhanced Data Rates for Globa
39. *NFC* - Near field communication.
40. *OTG* - On-the-go.
41.*S-LCD*- Super Liquid Crystal Display.
42. *0.S* - Operating system.
43. *SNS* - Social network service.
44. *H.S* - HOTSPOT.
45. *P.O.* - Point of interest.
46. *GPS* - Global Positioning System.
47. *DVD* - Digital Video Disk.
48. *DTP* - Desk top publishing.
49. *DNSE* - Digital natural sound engine.
50. *OVI* - Ohio Video Intranet.
51. *CDMA* - Code Division Multiple Access.
52. *WCDMA* - Wide-band Code Division Multiple
53. *GSM* - Global System for Mobile
54. *DIVX*- Digital internet video access.
55. *APK* - Authenticated public key.
56. *J2ME - Java 2 micro edition.
57. *SIS* - Installation source.
58. *DELL* - Digital electronic link library.
59. *ACER* - Acquisition Collaboration
Experimentation Reflection.
60. *RSS* - Really simple syndication.
61. *TFT* - Thin film transistor.
62. *AMR*- Adaptive Multi-Rate.
63. *MPEG* - moving pictures experts group.
64. *IVRS* - Interactive Voice Response System.
65. *HP* - Hewlett Packard.

Download .pdf file which contains government related abbreviations which is very useful for examinations civil service examinations.

Updated every now and then as we get astonishing responses.
Comment below if you have or needed more abbreviations and expansions.

Fruits names from Tamil to English //

Tamil NamesEnglish Names
அபேட் பியர்Abate Pear
அரத்திப்பழம், குமளிப்பழம், சீமையிலந்தப்பழம்Apple
சருக்கரை பாதாமிApricot
ஸ்ட்ராபெரிArbutus Unedo
முற்சீத்தாப்பழம்Annona muricata
லொவிப்பழம்Batoko Plum
பஞ்சலிப்பழம், சம்புBell Fruit
வில்வப்பழம்Bael fruit
கெச்சிBitter Watermelon
சிவப்பு ஆரஞ்சுBlood Orange
கருந்திராட்சை, கருங்கொடிமுந்திரிBlack currant
சீமைப்பலா, ஈரப்பலா, கொட்டைப்பலாBreadfruit
ஆனைக்கொய்யாButter fruit
பன்னீர் திராட்சைBlack Grapes
கடார நாரத்தைBuddha’s hand
முந்திரிப்பழம்Cashew Fruit  
விளிம்பிப்பழம், தமரத்தங்காய்Carambola 
மஞ்சள் முலாம்பழம்Cantaloupe 
நாரத்தைCitrus Aurantifolia 
கிச்சலிப்பழம்Citrus Aurantium 
கடரநாரத்தைCitrus medica 
சாத்துக்கொடிCitrus sinensis  
கமலாப்பழம்Citrus reticulata 
கோக்கோ பழம்Cocoa fruit  
கொவ்வைப்பழம்Coccinea cordifolia 
கெச்சிCucumus trigonus 
சீதாப்பழம்Custard Apple
ஒரு வித நாவல் நிறப்பழம்Damson  
தறுகண்பழம், அகிப்பழம், விருத்திரப்பழம் Dragon fruit 
பேரீச்சம் பழம்Dates
சிறுநாவல், சிறு நாவற்பழம்Eugenia Rubicunda  
புளிக்கொய்யாFeijoi / Pinealle guava  
அத்தி பழம்Fig
பச்சைப்பழம்Green Banana
கொடிமுந்திரி, திராட்சைப்பழம்Grape 
திராட்சைப்பழம்Green Grapes
கொய்யா பழம்Guava
அரபுக் கொடிமுந்திரிHanepoot  
தேன் முழாம்பழம்Honeydew melon 
 (ஒரு வித) நெல்லிHuckle berry  
நாவல்பழம்jambu fruit  
நாகப்பழம்Jamun fruit 
சம்புப் பழம்Jumbu fruit 
பலாப்பழம்Jack Fruit
பசலிப்பழம்Kiwi fruit  
(பாலைப்பழம் போன்ற ஒரு பழம்)Kumquat 
மஞ்சல் நிற சிறிய பழம்Kundang  
லோகன் பெறிLoganberry  
கடுகுடாப் பழம், முதளிப்பழம்Longan 
லொவிப்பழம்Louvi fruit  
எலுமிச்சம் பழம்Lemon
மண்டரின் நாரந்தைMandarin 
மெங்கூஸ் பழம்Mangosteen  
வெள்ளரிப்பழம், முழாம்பழம், இன்னீர்ப் பழம்Melon  
முசுக்கட்டைப் பழம்Mulberry  
அரபுக் கொடிமுந்திரிMuscat Grape  
மசுக்குட்டிப்பழம்Morus macroura  
முலாம் பழம்Muskmelon
சாத்துக்கொடி, தோடம்பழம், நாரங்கைOrange (sweet)  
கமலாப்பழம்Orange (Loose Jacket)  
கமலா ஆரஞ்சுOrange
சீமைப் பனிச்சைPersimmon 
அரைநெல்லிPhyllanthus Distichus  
உலர்த்தியப் பழம்Prune 
பனம் பழம்Palm fruit 
கொடித்தோடைPassion fruit  
மாதுளம் பழம், மாதுளைPomegranate 
(ஒரு வகை)’றம்புட்டான்’Pulasan 
அன்னாசிப்பழம்Pine Apple
ஊட்டி ஆப்பில் / பிளம்ஸ்Plum
மாதுளம் பழம்Pomegranate
சீமைமாதுளை, சீமைமாதுளம்பழம்Quince 
உலர் கொடிமுந்திரி, உலர் திராட்சைRaisin  
செவ்வாழைப்பழம்Red banana  
செந்திராட்சை, செங்கொடிமுந்திரிRed currant 
காய்ந்த திராட்சைRaisin
விலாம் பழம்Shell Apple
விளிம்பிப்பழம்Star fruit  
சீத்தாப்பழம்Sour sop/ Guanabana 
சம்புப்பழம், சம்புநாவல்Syzygium  
சாத்துக்குடிSweet Lime
தேனரந்தம்பழம், தேன் நாரந்தைTangerine 
முரட்டுத் தோடை, உக்குளிப்பழம்  Ugli Fruit 
தர்பூசணிWater Melon
விளாம்பழம்Wood Apple 
நீர்குமளிப்பழம்Wax jambu  

How to select text on facebook posts //

A hack that always works for me:

1. Open Facebook in Chrome.

2. Select 'Find in Page'. Add some word in the text you're trying to copy.

3. The word in the text is highlighted. Now tap twice in quick succession on the text. Some part of the text will be marked for copying. Expand that area using the end markers to select the whole text.

4. Select 'Copy' from the context menu that appears.

Answer two:

1. If you use chrome then tap into right button and click on desktop mode

2. Then search Facebook on Google (Please don't open direct link just go by Google).

3. Then open Facebook from Google.

4. Now you will see your Facebook page in desktop mode version

5. Now you need to search your post which you want to copy

6. Go there and tap on any word

Now you're able to copy texts from Facebook posts

Other options:

1. You can start by following the below mentioned steps and see if that helps you.

2. Download an app called Copy Text On Screen from the Google play store. This app will help you to Copy text on mobile screen to clipboard or share.

3. The latest version of Facebook has an option which allows you to copy the link by this you can select or choose the text via an external browser and copy it later

How can I do fundamental analysis of a stock //

There are many ways fundamental analysis of a stock can be done, but I am going to share my method of fundamental analysis and how I pick stocks for my long term portfolio:

How can I do fundamental analysis of a stock

Step 1: 

The financial performance:

The first thing I look for in a company is its past financial performance. Analysing past performance gives me a clear idea about company’s growth, earnings, profitability and how efficiently company is utilising its capital. For this I look at 5 to 10 years of company’s data in the form of financial ratios. I use financial ratios because it makes it easier to compare a company’s performance with its peers.

The financial ratios that I use are:

Basic EPS: 

This is the basic earning ratio which tells us about the company’s earnings on a per share basis. In other words, it is the ratio which tells us how much a company is earning against each share outstanding.

Cash EPS: 

A conservative ratio compared to Basic EPS, which calculates how much cash a company is generating against each share of the company.

Net profit margin: 

Gives you a idea about how much profit company is able to make on each sale made by the company. It is expressed in percentage terms.Higher percentage means company is able to charge high price from its customers, leaving fat profits in the pocket of the company.


Gives an idea of how the company’s capital is financed. Companies with high debt usually are riskier investment because if a company suffers a loss, it still has to pay its debt, which can sometimes even lead to bankruptcy of a company. A company with low or zero debt is always preferable.


It is a financial ratio that measures how efficiently a company is utilising its capital. For example i a company has employed Rs. 100 of capital and earns a return of Rs. 20, it means company’s ROCE is 20%. While Net profit margin shows the difference between the cost of making a product/service and revenue generated from the same, ROCE is calculated on total assets used by the company. Company with high ROCE are better investments as it shows company has good control over its financial resources and is able to run the business.

Dividend Per Share

It is the ratio that tells us how much dividend a company is paying against each share outstanding. Dividend is a part of company’s profit that company distributes to its shareholders. A company with consistent and growing dividend/share is a good investment as it keeps investors invested in the company.

Step 2: 

Reading Annual Reports: 

I usually read annual report of the company for the past three years. This gives me an idea about what the company has been doing in its business, what goals and targets it had set for itself and if it has achieved them. A company that sets clear and time bound targets for this business shows how professional, and ambitious the management of the company is.

Step 3: 

Future plans:

Every company has some future plans for its business. By looking at the company’s future plans, I get the direction in which the company is headed. Is the company going to start a new business, is it going to expand its current business? is the company planning to go overseas? All such questions are answered by analysing company’s future expansion and diversification plans.

After going through all the above mentioned steps I try to figure out how the company is going to look like in the future, What kind of revenues I can expect and what could be the profitability in the next 3 to 5 years. I don't try to get the exact number but just a ballpark percentage growth I can expect in the future.

Step 4: 

Critical analysis:

 The fourth step I follow is to write down all the logical and rational reasons why I should invest in this stock. Doing so gives me ample positive and negative points about the company and areas where I should be cautious while investing. It is said that “If you cannot fill a page with logical reasons why you should invest in a stock, then you should not make that investment.“

Step 5: 

Waiting for the right price:

Finally, I wait for the market correction to buy the stock at a low price. I do not put all the money at once, but buy on every dip in the price. Then there is a very long period of waiting, giving my investment time to grow. When I feel it is time to sell the stocks I start selling them in small quantities on every rally.

You may feel it's a lot of work, but trust me it's really worth all the effort.

How to Get Call's Detail Deleted from Call History of Any Airtel Mobile Number//

This is what you wanted to know how to get call's detail which was deleted from call history of any Airtel mobile number by SMS and Email? If yes then you are at the right place. Today we are here with the guide to get call detail of Airtel mobile number.

Who is Airtel? What service Airtel provides?
Airtel was one of the first mobile network providers of India to Launch 4G services and soon the company is also planning to roll out Volte Services in India, So it happens many times when we want to check call detail of our Airtel mobile number. So in this guide, we will tell you the easiest way to which you will be able to check Call details of Airtel prepaid/Postpaid number online.

So we have updated The Guide with the working method in 2020 - 2021 All old ways of Checking Airtel number call details stopped working because company updated their servers, But as we mentioned that we have updated the Guide with the Get Call Details of Any Airtel Mobile number Trick 2020 so now you can easily check, Also if you want Airtel Customer care executive Number you can follow our Guide And Talk to them directly.

Trick to Check Call Details of Any airtel number Code

It happens many time when our device gets formatted by mistake all call details get deleted with this. So, in that case this guide can come very handy and users can easily get call details of any Airtel mobile number online.

Lets start the guide on How to check call details of any Airtel mobile number online?

How to get Call Details of Airtel Prepaid Number?

First of all Open Message App and

1. Enter '121' as Recipient number

2. Now type in text 'EPREBILL'

3. Type Month name of the 'Month' Which you want to get details of

4. Now type your 'Email id' to receive Call details of your Mobile number as (.pdf) file to your email address.

5. Press send

These all steps to be done from your Airtel mobile number only.

So, over all the message should be like
<Month Name> Email id.

How to get Call details of Airtel Postpaid Number?

To check Call details of your Airtel postpaid number you have to follow the same procedure as prepaid users:

Type EPREBILL <Month name> And Send the message to 121

Other method is by making direct call to customer care.

Check Call Details of Airtel Number 2020 by calling customer car

Now you have to talk to Airtel customer care executive directly to get Call details

Now make sure that you give them a valid reason why you want call details of the Airtel Phone Number

Customer care will give you a list of the Last 10 Calls made from your Airtel number.

So the best thing about this Guide is that this Guide is updated with the most working method to check Call details of any Airtel Mobile number, Incase if we find any other method we will share the latest and Working methods in next "Tricks to get call details of Airtel mobile number online 2021". The guide has been successfully updated for Airtel users in 2020 at present, Now you can follow this Guide and get call details of any Airtel number in 2020. This Guide is the only working guide and personally tested by us. Incase if you are not able to get Call details of Airtel mobile number you can always try the second method given in the updated Section

This guide is undoubtedly the best guide and the easiest method to get Call details of any Airtel number by just sitting in your home, Also there are strong chances that you might face error sometimes in getting Details but it is always recommended that you try 2 to 3 times the method written in the guide.
In most of the cases, you can open the app and there you can just check the Outgoing and incoming call details of the airtel phone number, And the second method is also mentioned by us.

Make sure that you use this trick By responsibility, sometimes Airtel may update their options and that’s the time when you may not get all the details of your calling. But you may always check back later. We will also update the working methods from time to time.

How can I check my Airtel call details?

It’s easy to check your airtel call details, There are two possible ways with which you can check details of any airtel number. For that, you have to just Type “EPREBILL” <Month name> And Send the message to 121.

Can we get call details of any number?

Yes, Now you can get details of any number by talking to their customer care directly, By default, some of the networks give you the ability to check details from the app itself.

How can I get Airtel call history by SMS?

You have to send a message at 121 and you will get all the Last 10 Call details in your SMS easily. this is the Universal format for both prepaid and postpaid.

I Hope Most Asked Doubtful queries are cleared as answered above.
How to check call details of any Airtel Mobile number. I hope this guide helped you to get Call details of your Airtel phone number, and if you have any doubt feel free to write in the comments section below.

List of 7 most useful features available in Gmail; Actually are used less//

Managing your inbox is not easy given the number of mails you receive and those that you have to send every day.

From scheduling mails to sending messages in bulk, here's a list of some of the most useful features available in Gmail for you. These will help you save time and manage your email more efficiently.

1. Schedule Emails â€“ This feature was added to Gmail last year, but even now, the majority of users don't know about its existence. Gmail now gives you the option to schedule an email to be sent out at a particular time on your chosen date.

Just click on the small arrow button on the right side of the large blue-coloured send button at the bottom of the compose window to schedule an email. Once you click the schedule option, you will see a few pre-set options for data and time to choose from, or you can manually pick the date and time of your preference using the “Pick Date & Time” button at the bottom.

2. Smart Sentence Suggestions â€“ Gmail added the smart compose feature a while back, but most people still don't use or know about it. The smart compose function uses machine learning and AI to offer suggestions for your sentences when you type.

So the next time you start composing an email, Gmail will show you suggestions based on what you have written so far. You can switch the smart compose off by clicking on Settings > See All Settings, and go to the General section. In this section, you would see the option of smart compose, and you can choose if writing suggestions are on or off (we need them switched on for smart compose to function).

3. Confidential Mode â€“ As per its name, Gmail's confidential mode lets you protect sensitive information when sending it via email by locking it with a password. With this mode, your email can only be viewed by authorised people who know the password. Moreover, once you enable confidential mode for an email, it cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed.

To enable confidential mode for an email, you need to click on the lock icon that has a clock visible in the bottom row of icons. Once you click on the confidential mode icon, you will be able to view the option to choose the expiry date and set a passcode.

4. Locating Email With Large Attachments â€“ Even though Google gives you over 15GB of free storage space, it is shared between your Gmail, Drive and Photos. Due to this, most of us tend to quickly reach the storage limit and then spend time finding photos, files, or large emails to delete.

Thankfully, in Gmail, it is now a simple process to search for emails with large attachments using the advanced search. Click on the small arrow on the right side of the search box in your Gmail to access the advanced search function. Here, you will see the option to search for an email that is of “size greater than” – in this option, you can start to look at emails above 25MB in size and deleting the unnecessary ones to gain storage quickly.

5. Automatically Move To The Next Email â€“ This is a feature that is highly recommended for all users. When you delete or archive an email, Gmail's default action is to bring you back to the inbox screen. However, with auto-advance enabled, when you delete or archive any email, Gmail takes you to the next email instead of taking you back to the inbox, which saves a lot of time.

To enable auto-advance, click on the Settings icon on the top and then open All settings. Go to the advanced section and enable Auto Advance. Next, in the general section, you will see the option to enable Auto Advance along with the choice to either go to the next email or the previous email as per your preference.

6. Mute Email Threads â€“ All of us have one or the other group on WhatsApp that we cannot quit, but since we don't want to be involved in the group, we choose to mute it in order to avoid being bothered by messages. You can do the same thing on Gmail for email conversations that you cannot be active in and cannot leave.

To mute an email thread, select the thread in your inbox and tap on the “three dots” more options button on the top. In the options menu that opens, you will see the option to Mute – Click on mute to enable it. The same procedure is to be done if you want to unmute an email thread.

7. Unsend Emails â€“ How many times have you been in a situation where you sent an email, only to immediately realise that you missed adding something or sent it to the wrong email address. While earlier you could not do anything about it, now Gmail offers a handy Undo Send function to take care of this issue.

To enable this feature, click on settings on the top and select All settings. In the general section, you will see the option to Undo Send and an option to set the cancellation period – you can choose between 5 to 30 seconds. Now, every time you send an email, you will get the option to undo send on the left side of the screen and tapping on that will stop the message from being sent.

Avoid Doing these 5 mistakes while charging mobile //

Mobile phones now evolved into smart phones and that gadget had became a very important tool for everyone. If you are not mobile, you start feeling disconnected from the world. You accept it or not this is the reality; we are being married with the smart phones. Therefore, the mobile needs to remain charged at all times. However, there are some mistakes related to mobile charging, which people usually do not notice. If you repeat these mistakes again and again, your mobile performance diminishes. So, to avoid that we pin pointed some mistakes related to mobile charging, which is one of major cause for mobile damage.

1) The most common mistake associated with mobile phones is that people use any charger to charge their mobile. But, by doing so, your mobile battery will become very hot. This reduces the life of your mobile. Best of all, use the charger you get with the mobile, which is specific for that model.

2) Don't forget to keep the mobile 100% charged at all times. Let me tell you that always keeping battery power lower reduces the battery life of your mobile. Also, keep in mind that never allow mobile battery power to reach 0% - 5%. This condition also reduces the battery life of your mobile.

3) Most people put the mobile on charging before sleep at night and then leave it on for the whole 8 hour night. This is not the right way to charge a mobile. Due to this, the electricity is wasted at the same time the mobile battery also becomes very hot. Due to over loading, ofcourse battery life reduces. There will be regular expansion and contraction of battery, which ultimately causes physical damage too.

4) Most people keep on using mobile untill battery reaches 0%, which is very wrong. But more than that, it is wrong to use mobile during charging. Many people even talk by charging the mobile. This causes the mobile battery to be overheated. This situation can harm mobile as well as you, so avoid doing this at any point.

5) Nowadays designer mobile cases can be seen in almost everyone's mobile. Of course, they enhance the beauty of the mobile but, when you charge the mobile, do not forget to remove them. If you charge the mobile with a case, then it will overheat the battery and the fine components inside the mobile may get damaged due to high temperature.

Comment below your own experience regarding mobile phone charging.

Free 101+ Link Building Directories For SEO To Increase Your Website Organic Traffic! // Servicebloggers

Free 101+ Link Building Directories For (Search Engine Optimization) To Increase Organic Traffic to your Website!
Post Date: Jan 2020.

Do you have these questions in mind and unanswered?

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How to Add Translator Tab or Widget on Blogger Template //

How to Add Translator Tab or Widget on Blogger Template
Post Date: Jun 2016  Edited: Jan 2020.

As a Blog owner or Website Owner it is necessary to have a translator Tab or Widget. This option actually drives more visitors from other language speaking countries and at the same time it is useful for their easy understanding of your content. Some unique content writers post their article in their own language which might actually useful for English speaking countries too. So, it's a win win situation.

There are 2 options to Add Translator:

1. Default Blogger Translator.
2. Customized Translator Widget HTML/ Java script Code.

Customized Translator Widget:

How to Find Lost Mobile Phone Location Using This Android App and Find My iPhone for Apple //

How to Find Lost Mobile Phone Location Using Phone Number Install This Android App
Post Date: 22/01/2020

Today i am here to give you an Android App that "helps to find the mobile phone location" not so fast, its not that simple. This app should also be installed in other friends or family members mobile phone also. The name of App is Life360...

Why Life360 App? This is for Android smart phones.

This App is invented specially to locate girls who is in grave danger, lost or stolen mobile phones. This App uses GPS to share its real time location to the family members who also installed this app.