200% profitable business? what is this business?


I had read so many articles and answers on many forum websites that suggest one to start your own YouTube channel, write blogs, Affiliate Marketing etc...

I personally observed and experienced that above suggested ideas requires a lot of patience. Those businesses require at least internet, a laptop/PC with a camera, good/valuable content that requires qualified candidate and finally huge amount of time investment. Conclusively, it’s a financial risk.

But I have came across with an actual story of one of my friends who started his business with only ₹500 if you model what he started 4 years ago.

When launched, Tata CURVV SUV EV joins the competition against MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric

Tata Motors teased an upcoming electric SUV 'Curvv' on its social media handles. At first, it was believed that the company could be launching the upcoming updated Nexon EV with a larger battery pack.

However, when Tata released another teaser, it was revealed that it will be an all new Electric SUV concept. Tata Motors has taken wraps off their all new electric SUV– CURVV.

The price expected to be around 20 lakhs INR. With the debut of Tata CURVV Electric SUV Concept, the rumours have finally been laid to rest. It is planned for launch within the next two years. Mileage is to be about 500 kms.

Be ready to pay 5 additional taxes and charges, while buying your new house 2022

When we buy a house, we won't just pay the property's value. Several other charges increase our house's acquisition price. It's important that we include these additional costs in budget. More over if you are on a tight budget and have an equated monthly instalment (EMI) to pay on your home loan.

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

If you are buying an unfinished constructing property, one of the important costs that you cannot avoid is the Goods and Service Tax (GST). “The GST rate on residential properties is 1 percent for affordable housing and 5 percent for other than affordable housing projects,” says Vivek Jalan, partner, Tax Connect Advisory Services LLP.

How to become a disciplined trader #16 Rules to follow //servicebloggers

1 - Over the years I've learnt a lot of new things that I wish I knew when I first started so I want to share this for all the new traders out there who wants to turn their trading into a profitable career ahead. 

2 - Keep it simple!

Trading is only as complicated as you make it. When starting out you should focus on the very basics and don't overcomplicate anything.

3 - TA is only the beginning

When you have a good understanding of TA, it's time for a life-long struggle with trading psychology. This is much more important than TA and this will require your absolute focus and discipline. Controlling your emotions is key to trading success.