Four months old baby from India (AP state) holds world record

A four months old child has achieved a world record with her remarkable ability on identifying many objects.

Let's look at detailed information:

Four months old baby from Andhra Pradesh of India has set a world record by identifying 120 different things in youngest age.

Noble World Records has given her a special certificate.

This young baby lives in a town named Nadigama of Andhra Pradesh state, has captured millions of hearts by attaining a remarkable triumph and setting a record that had everyone talking.

This baby named Kaivalya, can identify 120 different things, from birds and vegetables to animals and photographs of people.

Kaivalya's mother, Hema, noticed her baby's special talent and decided to share it with the world. The family recorded a video showcasing Kaivalya's abilities and sent it to Noble World Records.

The team at Noble World Records, just like everyone else, was amazed. After carefully reviewing the video and testing Kaivalya's talents, they concluded that she deserved a special certificate, making her a world record holder at just four months.

The child's parents expressed their immense joy and thanked everyone for the support. They hoped that Kaivalya's story inspired other parents to discover and celebrate the unique talents their little one's possess.

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