How to create a New Blog and Post an article

How to Create a NEW BLOG ?
Blog is the only way online which is free to post your thoughts, articles, important contents, etc… I will show you step by step process, guided with picture on creating a blog by giving unique title and website address and posting an article.

Open website, You will be logging in to your google account, after logging in click on NEW BLOG. You will be taken to the below page there you will give your title and website address as shown in below picture, there you can choose your blogs template from Variety of templates given. That is how your blog will look like after choosing, you can change to any template on later stages as you wish.

 Then click CREATE BLOG. Now you will be taken to the below page.


Let’s say you are creating this blog for sharing your experience of a tour to specific country. grab the info and post it in your new blog.
By going to NEW POST.
Make sure that you add a lot of contents about your travel experience if you like add great pictures where the readers can look at and feel what you trying to share, it would create more interest in reading the article.

On the left corner you can find all the options on editing your blog. You can arrange your blogs look by going to LAYOUT. Also you can add pages to your blog. Possible to make your blog to load faster by setting up for showing only 5 latest posts by going in SETTINGS option.
Now continuing on posting. Once you complete typing and adding pictures SAVE it and PUBLISH it. Buttons located on right side which is highlighted in yellow.

There! you have published your post, you can preview it any time. Then you should be adding your website name in google search engine and many more search engines online. Once you list your site in search engines public can read your article by online searching relating your content. you can monitor your blog views by navigating to STATS tab.

Also you can make this blog seen and read only by you by changing settings of Blog reader from PUBLIC to PRIVATE.

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