How Online Advertisement Works and Why To Advertise Online

What is advertisement?

Advertisement in simple means promoting your product to the whole world or part of the world. choosing the medium to advertise varies, some method of advertisement reaches whole country and  some only a particular geographic region.

Why to advertise?

Need of selling your product requires view or use and knowledge of the product to be explained by demos to the needy. else making one's life style change.

How advertisement works?

When a new product helps in humans life or improving life style will be advertised. New inventions to reduce the effort of human power to be advertised with the use and how it works. these advertisements reaches all over the world, people who are willing or whose effort will be reduced by using this product will be attracted only by advertisements, without advertisement he might not know about the product. Advertising is the only way to introduce your product to the market.

Now working of advertisement, lets take media. Advertisement in media works a major role in reaching viewers. here advertiser pays a whole amount for advertising in a particular channel for a period of time. When it comes to online advertising the main system is paying per click (PPC) and same as media advertising for a period of time. here advertiser search for reputed and high traffic search engines first to advertise. there are many other methods of advertisement available online too. 

How many ways and medium to advertise?

Below list are only an approximate just for explanation some methods might have missed.

1. Number one is Media T.V (Television).
2. Banners, Posters on streets.
3. By announcement via a vehicle around a particular area.
4. Giving demo of product door to door.
5. Advertising product in a stall.
6. Newspapers
7. Final and Increasing in number of users is internet. In today's world majority of transaction's are done online in terms of information sharing including money transaction.

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