How to earn from Neobux and How neobux works

What is neobux  and how neobux works?

NEOBUX: the innovation in paid to click services, works as paying their free and upgraded members by sharing a percentage of money paid by their advertisers for ex: viewing 1 ad pays you $0.001. And you will be paid commission from your referrals clicks too for ex:viewing 1 ad pays your referral $0.001 and commission for you might vary from $0.0001-$0.0005 approximate.
Like this there are plenty ways to make money here too.

1. Paid to Click
2. Paid to Signup
3. Paid to complete task
4. Paid for completing surveys
5. Paid from your referrals

Paid to click ads:
You should click and view ads until the timer ends. the same way you will be paid commission once your referral views ads.

Earning from Referrals:

There is two types referral system in neobux
1. Direct referrals
2. Rented referrals

Direct referrals are one who joined by clicking your referral link generated by neobux. you should be advertising or directly telling your friends to click your referral link and join neobux. once you get more referrals you can earn more commissions.

Rental referrals are one who joined neobux directly, who can be rented by paying rentals every month to neobux.

Paid to signup:

You will be joining a website as a referral under an advertiser by clicking their link, for that you will be paid from $0.05 to $0.20 approximately. after joining you must be active for certain period of time to be paid.

Paid to complete task:

Same as signup offer- but here you will be doing search online for information and completing task or listening to music to be paid, etc...

Paid for completing surveys:

Here you will be taken to a survey site there you will be signing up and will receive surveys worth approximately from $ 0.10 to $ 7.0.

Strategy For Earning More in neobux:

If you wanted to earn more you may upgrade your account so that the percentage of commission from your referrals will be increased and ads to click will also be increased. Some payout restrictions will be removed. ex: as a free member your minimum payout is $2.0 for first payout and $5.0 for second time and maintains for further payouts. But as a upgraded member there might be no minimum payout restrictions.

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