How to select text on facebook posts //

A hack that always works for me:

1. Open Facebook in Chrome.

2. Select 'Find in Page'. Add some word in the text you're trying to copy.

3. The word in the text is highlighted. Now tap twice in quick succession on the text. Some part of the text will be marked for copying. Expand that area using the end markers to select the whole text.

4. Select 'Copy' from the context menu that appears.

Answer two:

1. If you use chrome then tap into right button and click on desktop mode

2. Then search Facebook on Google (Please don't open direct link just go by Google).

3. Then open Facebook from Google.

4. Now you will see your Facebook page in desktop mode version

5. Now you need to search your post which you want to copy

6. Go there and tap on any word

Now you're able to copy texts from Facebook posts

Other options:

1. You can start by following the below mentioned steps and see if that helps you.

2. Download an app called Copy Text On Screen from the Google play store. This app will help you to Copy text on mobile screen to clipboard or share.

3. The latest version of Facebook has an option which allows you to copy the link by this you can select or choose the text via an external browser and copy it later

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