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Creating an eStore is one thing, and making it a success is another. Picking the best selling products is a critical first step for any digital store to succeed.

Alright, You don’t have to confuse or think too much to find the best products to sell online. I had already researched it for you and prepared the list of #15 best products sold online. India has fastest growing online selling business from 2018 a steep 45 degree angle of up move.

List of best-selling products for your online store

There’s no point in trying to sell products that few people want to buy. Your chances of success will be better if you sell the most popular products. Here are 18 ideas for you.

1. Mask's and Sanitizer's

Mask's & Sanitizer's are first on our list of best selling products for obvious reasons. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, face   masks was popular among Indians. Those who ride bikes use them to ward off dust particles, bacteria, and other air pollutants.

" During this COVID-19  pandemic, world changed to online purchase, most people use a face shield or mask a compulsary "

So selling mask and sanitizer online can be a profitable idea. To stand out from the crowd, you should try to offer designer masks to choose, there are many wholesale producers on the internet.

2. Non-contact infrared thermometers

Authorities in America, India, U.K and worldwide are taking strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Temperature checking has become a routine exercise in residential and commercial establishments.

This has increased the demand for non-contact infrared thermometer by many folds. So, selling them online can be an excellent strategy to increase the sales in your online retail store. In addition to selling this to individual buyers, this might be a product you could sell in bulk to businesses or government agencies.

3. Touchscreen gloves

More and more people have started using gloves during the coronavirus pandemic, to protect themselves when out of the house. Once at home, the wearer simply takes off their gloves and washes them before wearing them again.

" Moreover, it goes on saying that using a smartphone with gloves on is kind of a hectic job "

As touchscreen gloves are becoming more popular among people concerned about their exposure to the virus, they are among the best-selling products online. Selling these gloves can help you grow your online sales.

4. Breathable mesh running shoes

Our feet get hot when we run and mesh fabric is breathable. This is the reason why mesh running shoes are becoming hugely popular among runners.

If you start selling affordable and quality mesh running shoes online, there is no reason why people wouldn’t buy from you. A good thing is you can find many affordable sources of high quality mesh running shoes. You simply buy in bulk, and then resell them.

5. Phone lens attachments

These days, mobile phones come with high-quality cameras to cater to mobile photography enthusiasts. Phone lens attachments can help people improve the photos they take with their phone cameras.

Adding phone lens attachments to your online offering will undoubtedly boost the sales in your online retail store. What’s more, you will not face any difficulty in sourcing quality phone lens attachments for your eStore.

6- Phone tripods

You might be surprised to learn that phone tripods are also on the list of best-selling products. Thanks to vlogging, people are buying phone tripods to shoot top-quality videos. However, it is not the only use of phone tripods. One can also have better framing and panoramas when using a tripod.

As more and more people are interested in mobile photography, selling phone tripods can be a smart idea to grow your online retail sales.

Editor’s note: Once you’ve chosen the products you’d like to sell, you’ll need an eCommerce website from a reliable company to sell your products globally. Use GoDaddy’s Online Store to build a fully functioning eStore yourself.

7- Car phone holders/mounts

People use car phone holders/mounts for various reasons:

GPS for navigation

Hands-free music

Distraction-free driving

If you add creatively designed, quality car phone holders/mounts to your online retail store, there is no reason why people wouldn’t buy. People want accessories to complement their car interiors. Therefore, the opportunities are endless.

8. Wireless Headphone and microphones

Wireless headphones and microphones are in demand as more and more people are using their mobile phones to shoot videos and create podcasts. You can start selling wireless external phone microphones online to boost sales in your eStore.

9. Front facing baby carrier

From strengthening the bond between the baby and the caregiver to supporting the baby’s natural posture, baby carriers offer multiple benefits. This is the reason why baby carriers are popular among parents. Add designer front-facing baby carriers to your product portfolio, and you could open up a profitable new revenue stream.

10. Yoga Pilates mats

There is a growing interest in yoga to stay fit. During the current COVID-19 crisis, when people prefer to stay inside, the demand for Yoga Pilates mats has increased.

Sell Yoga Pilates mats to draw new customers to your eStore.

11. Exercise bands

Exercise bands are also in demand during coronavirus. Why shouldn’t they be? Using exercise bands strengthens and tone muscles. Hence, people are buying them enthusiastically to work out at their homes safely. You can quickly start selling exercise bands online, as sourcing them will not be a problem.

12. Laptop skins

People love to personalize their possessions, including their laptops. This is the reason why laptop skins get sold like hot cakes. When you start selling laptop skins, you can cater to a broad audience because laptop skins come in various designs. Superheroes, pets, religious symbols are just a few designs to look for.

13. Rugs/carpets

We all need rugs/carpets in our homes. There is always a demand for high-quality rugs/carpets in the market. There is even a demand among some for handmade rugs.

Selling rugs/carpets online can be a smart decision as these products are always in demand, regardless of the season or year. Just make sure that you are offering quality rugs/carpets with multiple design options.

14. Shapewear

Shapewear gives the human body a pleasing shape so that the wearer can put on their favorite clothes without any hesitation. Start selling shapewear to increase sales in your eStore. Does shapewear sell quickly? Yes, they do. Who doesn’t like to look better?

How to create your eStore

Once you have selected the best-selling products you’d like to sell online, the next step is to build your eStore. With the help of GoDaddy Online Store, you can make a secure online store that has:

Secure payment processing of all debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay

Shipping options that are easy to set up

Marketing tools (email marketing, Google My Business, sell through Facebook)

Guidance on how to grow your new online business

One of the best things about Online Store is that you can make changes to your eStore or manage orders and your calendar

The products listed in this article are best-selling products currently, and people are buying them in significant quantities. Over time, this list of best-selling products will adapt as buyer behavior changes. Make a habit of checking sources such as Nielsen India to check the latest trends and then adjust the products in your online store accordingly.

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