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Mobile phones now evolved into smart phones and that gadget had became a very important tool for everyone. If you are not mobile, you start feeling disconnected from the world. You accept it or not this is the reality; we are being married with the smart phones. Therefore, the mobile needs to remain charged at all times. However, there are some mistakes related to mobile charging, which people usually do not notice. If you repeat these mistakes again and again, your mobile performance diminishes. So, to avoid that we pin pointed some mistakes related to mobile charging, which is one of major cause for mobile damage.

1) The most common mistake associated with mobile phones is that people use any charger to charge their mobile. But, by doing so, your mobile battery will become very hot. This reduces the life of your mobile. Best of all, use the charger you get with the mobile, which is specific for that model.

2) Don't forget to keep the mobile 100% charged at all times. Let me tell you that always keeping battery power lower reduces the battery life of your mobile. Also, keep in mind that never allow mobile battery power to reach 0% - 5%. This condition also reduces the battery life of your mobile.

3) Most people put the mobile on charging before sleep at night and then leave it on for the whole 8 hour night. This is not the right way to charge a mobile. Due to this, the electricity is wasted at the same time the mobile battery also becomes very hot. Due to over loading, ofcourse battery life reduces. There will be regular expansion and contraction of battery, which ultimately causes physical damage too.

4) Most people keep on using mobile untill battery reaches 0%, which is very wrong. But more than that, it is wrong to use mobile during charging. Many people even talk by charging the mobile. This causes the mobile battery to be overheated. This situation can harm mobile as well as you, so avoid doing this at any point.

5) Nowadays designer mobile cases can be seen in almost everyone's mobile. Of course, they enhance the beauty of the mobile but, when you charge the mobile, do not forget to remove them. If you charge the mobile with a case, then it will overheat the battery and the fine components inside the mobile may get damaged due to high temperature.

Comment below your own experience regarding mobile phone charging.

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