How to Get Call's Detail Deleted from Call History of Any Airtel Mobile Number//

This is what you wanted to know how to get call's detail which was deleted from call history of any Airtel mobile number by SMS and Email? If yes then you are at the right place. Today we are here with the guide to get call detail of Airtel mobile number.

Who is Airtel? What service Airtel provides?
Airtel was one of the first mobile network providers of India to Launch 4G services and soon the company is also planning to roll out Volte Services in India, So it happens many times when we want to check call detail of our Airtel mobile number. So in this guide, we will tell you the easiest way to which you will be able to check Call details of Airtel prepaid/Postpaid number online.

So we have updated The Guide with the working method in 2020 - 2021 All old ways of Checking Airtel number call details stopped working because company updated their servers, But as we mentioned that we have updated the Guide with the Get Call Details of Any Airtel Mobile number Trick 2020 so now you can easily check, Also if you want Airtel Customer care executive Number you can follow our Guide And Talk to them directly.

Trick to Check Call Details of Any airtel number Code

It happens many time when our device gets formatted by mistake all call details get deleted with this. So, in that case this guide can come very handy and users can easily get call details of any Airtel mobile number online.

Lets start the guide on How to check call details of any Airtel mobile number online?

How to get Call Details of Airtel Prepaid Number?

First of all Open Message App and

1. Enter '121' as Recipient number

2. Now type in text 'EPREBILL'

3. Type Month name of the 'Month' Which you want to get details of

4. Now type your 'Email id' to receive Call details of your Mobile number as (.pdf) file to your email address.

5. Press send

These all steps to be done from your Airtel mobile number only.

So, over all the message should be like
<Month Name> Email id.

How to get Call details of Airtel Postpaid Number?

To check Call details of your Airtel postpaid number you have to follow the same procedure as prepaid users:

Type EPREBILL <Month name> And Send the message to 121

Other method is by making direct call to customer care.

Check Call Details of Airtel Number 2020 by calling customer car

Now you have to talk to Airtel customer care executive directly to get Call details

Now make sure that you give them a valid reason why you want call details of the Airtel Phone Number

Customer care will give you a list of the Last 10 Calls made from your Airtel number.

So the best thing about this Guide is that this Guide is updated with the most working method to check Call details of any Airtel Mobile number, Incase if we find any other method we will share the latest and Working methods in next "Tricks to get call details of Airtel mobile number online 2021". The guide has been successfully updated for Airtel users in 2020 at present, Now you can follow this Guide and get call details of any Airtel number in 2020. This Guide is the only working guide and personally tested by us. Incase if you are not able to get Call details of Airtel mobile number you can always try the second method given in the updated Section

This guide is undoubtedly the best guide and the easiest method to get Call details of any Airtel number by just sitting in your home, Also there are strong chances that you might face error sometimes in getting Details but it is always recommended that you try 2 to 3 times the method written in the guide.
In most of the cases, you can open the app and there you can just check the Outgoing and incoming call details of the airtel phone number, And the second method is also mentioned by us.

Make sure that you use this trick By responsibility, sometimes Airtel may update their options and that’s the time when you may not get all the details of your calling. But you may always check back later. We will also update the working methods from time to time.

How can I check my Airtel call details?

It’s easy to check your airtel call details, There are two possible ways with which you can check details of any airtel number. For that, you have to just Type “EPREBILL” <Month name> And Send the message to 121.

Can we get call details of any number?

Yes, Now you can get details of any number by talking to their customer care directly, By default, some of the networks give you the ability to check details from the app itself.

How can I get Airtel call history by SMS?

You have to send a message at 121 and you will get all the Last 10 Call details in your SMS easily. this is the Universal format for both prepaid and postpaid.

I Hope Most Asked Doubtful queries are cleared as answered above.
How to check call details of any Airtel Mobile number. I hope this guide helped you to get Call details of your Airtel phone number, and if you have any doubt feel free to write in the comments section below.

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