Top 7 website Commenting Best Practices To Follow In 2021

Top 7 website Commenting Best Practices To Follow In 2021 for quality Backlink building

Here are a few tips to write quality website comments for traffic works all time including 2021, that you must adhere to. Otherwise, your comment will not get approved.

1. Comment on similar niche blogs only

The first point is very obvious. Comment only on similar niche blogs. E.g. I am running this blog to share Bloggers guide, blogging tips related articles. So, there are tons of websites and blogs on this niche, so it’s not a big deal for me to find similar niche website to write a comment. Even if you want to write a comment on a high DA website on other niches, try to find out a similar article and then write a comment.

2. Don’t comment without reading the post

Many people just write 1 or 2 lines of comments without even reading the article. It may be good for those websites where you actually comment to get backlink and comments get approved instantly. But on a quality website, you just can’t do that.

3. Avoid Anonymous commenting Use your real or your products picture only

The biggest problem of this online world is that there are many fake profiles and activities going on these days. So, no one will approve a comment from a totally unknown person who can’t be identified by even his/her profile picture. So, if you want to get some quality traffic input valuable comments and make sure to put your real-photo as profile picture.

4. Look for different types of website commenting systems

There are different types of website commenting systems. By default as a blogger owner, you may be aware of one. But there are actually multiple types of website and blog commenting systems that are in place.


Facebook Commenting system, etc...

5. Don’t insert link while commenting

Many people try to add links while writing a comment thinking that they will get some extra benefits (keyword anchor) by putting such tricks. But the risk here is that such comments will automatically get detected by the comment system and will never get approved. Just put your website URL or type your URL on the fill up form on any website  and write the comment, that’s enough.

6. Try to write the first comment of that post

This one I personally found very interesting. I saw many bloggers are actually following this trick to write the very first blog comment as soon as a new article gets published on their competitors blog.

7. Don’t just write a comment, try to add value

I know after reading the article till this part you got it already. Just by writing a few lines of generic words will not help you to get your website comment get approved in the high authority website's. You have to write quality comments while adding something extra.

FAQs On Website or Blog Commenting In 2021

How do I comment on a Website or a Blog?

After reading any website's article, you need to scroll down and check whether website commenting is enabled or not. If enabled, then make sure to provide your name, website and email id and then share your honest opinion / feedback.

How do I find a blog commenting site?

You can search with the techniques I have shared in this article. Or else search in Google with the topic for which you want to do comment. This way you will find many relevant websites with similar articles where you can write comments.

Does website commenting still work?

Even though website commenting is useless for link building, when utilized properly, it can potentially result in an increase in traffic to your website.

How do I make BackLinks to comments?

Generally in normal blogs you will find a place to provide your website URL. Other than that, there are many Website/Blog commenting sites where you can insert links in comment and get a do-follow backlink. But make sure you are aware from where you are getting backlinks as in most cases such websites are targeted by many people and ultimately it becomes a spam practice with negative impact.

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