Can Miscarriages Be Prevented?

You can take precautions to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy:

Eat a proper diet with plenty of folic acid and calcium.

Take prenatal vitamins daily.

Exercise regularly after you've got approval from your doctor.

Maintain a healthy weight (women who are overweight or too thin may be more likely to have miscarriages).

Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Avoid deli meats and unpasteurized soft cheeses such as feta and other foods that could carry listeriosis.

Limit caffeine intake.

If you smoke, quit.

Talk to your doctor about all medications you're currently taking. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, many prescription and over-the-counter medicines should be avoided during pregnancy.

Avoid activities that could cause abdominal trauma.

Get immunized against communicable diseases and know your family medical and genetic history.

Go to all of your scheduled prenatal appointments and discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Call your doctor right away if you have fever, feel ill, notice decreased fetal movements, or having bleeding, spotting, or cramping.

Have a Safe, Peaceful and Healthy Pregnancy and delivery!!!

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