How to upload Adsense ads.txt file to my root level domain of Word press & Shopify

Adding Ads.txt file for wordpress users:

1. In Search engine type "Advanced Ads Plugin for Word Press".
2. Download that plugin and add your adsense ads.txt file.

3. After saving go to your browser type in <yourwebsitename>.com/ads.txt and search it should appear like below picture.

Adding Ads.txt file for shopify users:

1. Sign In to Shopify account, then go to edit code from your Shopify website-store admin dashboard.

2. Find Assets folder on your left hand site. Click on "Add a new asset".

3. Click again on Choose File. You will be prompted to select your downloaded "Ads.txt" file from adsense or any other networks from your computer.

4. Click on it and you will have to name ads.txt in that box. Click on Upload asset.

5. Save it on your Shopify code section too.

After saving go to your browser input <yourwebsitename>.com/ads.txt and search (Example: you should get same like below picture.

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