Best Guide On How to Avoid Bad Websites and Scammers on Flippa? ( )

One of the most popular and ranking higher on search engine for website Buy & Sell is Flippa. Many known person buy websites on Flippa and social media it is always difficult to figure out whether the site is actually worth the price and most importantly whether the seller or buyer is genuine.

On social media 90% of website sellers are scammers. Why social media platform is created for? To, have continuous contact with our friends. But, now the purpose is destroyed and used only for illegal activities and scamming others. Let’s discuss about this in a separate article.
Flippa is the platform specifically created to fulfill the need of website, domain buyers and sellers. They are at least trying to give their customers genuinity by putting up some rules, but still not enough.
Best Guide On How to Avoid Bad Websites and Scammers on Flippa?

To elaborate the sellers who lists their website for sale they should at least provide some proof of Google analytics, earnings and years online. When scouting a potential investment website, you want to know if it will lose rankings, whether it is banned from AdSense or has many bad links. This service flippa is not providing.

As a buyer what you should know?
Always remember flippa has a huge amount of limitations for providing genuinity of any listed websites. The person who listed a website might be a scammer, flippa does not have any rules to catch or restrict scammers before hands. They just now started the service of flippa money in that the seller can’t payout on the same day. As a buyer you should be very much vigilant and report fast within couple of days after making payment via flippa money if you are scammed. So, flippa might freeze the sellers account and have wider chance of getting your money back.
As per our previous experience 50% or more sellers want to SCAM you, or hiding important info. Thus, investing in websites becomes a very risky business venture.

However, the good news is that most scams are easy to spot if you look closely and pay attention to important details. If you are thorough, you actually can make money on Flippa. Newbie’s must be very very careful, I recommend don’t do business of buying rather create your website by yourself or by any genuine paid service providers in you place.

Some obvious but very deceptive scammers who went as far as making a fake Adsense Earnings Proof Video, some actually made a fake Adsense dashboard. These are critical things that you should always check for.

Try searching for the below words in youtube for clarification,
Scams on Flippa
Flippa scam review.

Here are some instances that signal’s red flag:

1) Listed website’s ‘Earnings section’ (AdSense income):
When a seller claims income from Adsense, Flippa offers a mechanism to verify that income belongs to the specific website. In theory this cannot be faked, if the seller fills up that particular section and you should see a green line on the Earnings graph inside the listing.
You still go further and ask sellers to provide additional proof of last 30, 90 and 365 days site full reports, that includes tables (Revenue, Page Views and RPM tabs, and show the graph).
If a seller claims income from AdSense, but it’s not verified, you should probably avoid this website, and move on. Now a day’s websites listed are brand new, so we should be very cautious. As same kind of websites are again & again produced and listed. Say for example SEO service niche website, there is plenty of automated websites listed on flippa by the same seller’s frequently but they are as good as garbage. Buyers won’t make a penny because, same kind of websites are crowded online. Only very few experts on SEO can make some money but newbie’s it’s a big ???.

2) Always request Google Analytics access!
It is absolutely essential to have complete (read only access) Google Analytics access from the time you contact the seller to the time you finish transaction and preferably until seller makes you Admin after sale is completed.
Never ever buy websites without Google Analytics Access (if available).

We never buy sites unless we are given Google Analytics access. If the seller refuses to give access means they are hiding something. Avoid buying such sites.
If the seller agrees to give access after some back and forth, they could be a newbie, but you should still consider that they are hiding stuff.

One more tip: If the seller gives you access to Google analytics only for 24 hours or revokes access without telling you, don’t buy from them.

Beware of fake Amazon Affiliate Income or any other Affiliate Sales:
It is easy to fake Amazon income because non availability of read only access of reports on Amazon.
Amazon reporting is based on tracking IDs, which can be used on multiple websites.

For example: Seller claims $200 monthly income from Amazon Affiliate program. In reality, the site can be making only $50/month, because the same link (Tracking ID) is used on other websites owned by same seller, thus inflating income. Same can be done on Adsense reports screen shots, if read only access is NOT provided- 'Beware' get away from there.

Valuable Trick: Do a reverse search on Amazon Associate ID, using You can search the domain name, Amazon ID, AdSense PUB ID, etc. Do as much research you can to make sure Amazon Income belongs to that particular website.

For example: search for dpsgeneral-20. You will get the AnalyzeID in 1st position. It is a paid service, but you can use it free too for a particular amount of searches a day. Found its results are most accurate, so if you want to use this service most frequent consider upgrading.
dpsgeneral-20 belongs to and is also used on 3 other websites. So if one of those was for sale, seller could claim income from 4 sites. Amazon income is easy to fake and you should spend extra time on analyzing it.

Remember: As new Amazon affiliate rates came into effect from March 1, 2017 resulted in 20 to 40% drop in income for members.

3) Screenshots can be edited by “Adobe Photoshop” Never trust screenshots exclusively:
It’s very easy to fake any image, and make it look very realistic. Always ask for additional proof of income preferably live video walk-through.
In most cases, scammers don’t even need Photoshop. It can easily be done with browser “inspect element” tool, by editing page’s HTML codes, numbers and words.

As an example, here is a screenshot of a real amazon earnings report:
Best Guide On How to Avoid Bad Websites and Scammers on Flippa?

We are not here to promote scamming, just to educate innocent newbie’s.
Note, “inspect element is built into nearly every browser. In some cases, scammers can even do it on a mobile phone.

'Again and again I am reminding you never trust screenshots they are very simple to manipulate'. Always request a Skype screen share to verify earnings. If a seller gives you lame excuses – don’t waste your time, just walk away. Don’t let your emotions overtake you when making decisions. It’s your hard earned money letting it go is very easy.

“Better be safe than sorry”
Conclusion: Scams are abundant not only on social media’s but equal amount on Flippa too.
The reality is that most sites that are listed for sale on ‘Flippa are garbage as I said before’. Be very careful on making a purchase decision.

Key takeaway points:
·         Many sellers on Flippa are scammers.
·         Never trust any seller or buyer, even if they have 100% positive feedback.
·         Most sites on Flippa are complete garbage (overpriced, repeated content or niche, etc).
·         Always look for reasons NOT TO BUY a website. This is the only way to get good deals.
·         Contact the seller and ask access to Google Analytics as guest to verify traffic. If seller refuses, its an instant red flag.
However, it is increasingly becoming difficult to find a good website to invest on.
Once you tidy out all the bad sites, most decent ones are now overpriced and competitors are paying outrageous multiples.

Recap of What to look for in a website?:
  •  verified Google Analytics and Adsense
  •  Ask to provide high resolution screen shots of Adsense site report for several periods, such as last 30, 90 and 1 year, where revenue and page views lines are clearly visible, and where you can also see the domain.
  •  if a website makes money on programs other than Adsense, seller should provide clear and verifiable proof of income. He/ She should have a screen share over Skype to verify income sources and amounts.

My preferred website purchasing would be, the sites monetized with Adsense.

“Never invest without research or analyze, it’s your hard earned money. Once gone out of your hands & lost it’s hard to emotionally get out of it. Lesson learnt from my personal experience”.
- (Pradeep)

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