High unknown benefits of Curry leaves and Why to add this in daily diet? (servicebloggers.com)

Curry leaves is commonly used in Indian food especially vegetable side dishes for medicinal & decorative purpose. It enhances the flavor and taste of the vegetable. Some of us remove off the curry leaves from the food but after reading this article, I am sure you will eat curry leaves too. As curry leaves is rich in iron. Botanical name of curry leaves “Murraya koenigii” Curry leaves is gift of nature. Aim to eat minimum 4 to 5 curry leaves a day. It helps to improve your overall health on long term with additional external benefits of healthy skin and hair. If found informative, please do share this article with your friends & relatives.

·         Controls blood sugar level, good medicine for diabetes:
As I have mentioned before curry leaves is rich in iron and has high fiber content which helps in regulating blood sugar level. It helps in people with diabetes type - 2 by recovering of pancreas there by secrete insulin normally which automatically stabilizes blood sugar level.
Further, curry leaf contains powerful anti oxidant called “kaempferol” which protects the liver by preventing the oxidative stress. Thus, curry leaves is beneficial for people who are prone to liver ailments like yellow fever, alcohol damage.

·         Prevents Anemia:
Being rich in iron and folic acid which is the good combination as iron gets absorbed best in presence of folic acid. Podiatrists & Gynecologists recommends curry leaves for pregnant women and children which prevents anemia (Iron deficiency due to less RBC count).

·          Good for Bones, teeth & eyes:

Calcium and phosphorus content in curry leaves helps to strengthen bones, teeth by preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin A in this leaves helps to prevent night blindness. Carotenoids produced from vitamin A protect cornea (near pupil) of the eye.

·         Reduces cholesterol levels:
Curry leaves is rich in antioxidants which prevents oxidative stress thus decreasing LDL cholesterol levels (Bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL cholesterol levels (Good cholesterol)  Helps in natural weight reduction; curry leaves has carbazole alkaloids which prevents unhealthy weight gain. Also, it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and aids in detoxification which helps in unhealthy weight reduction. There by preventing Atherosclerosis which is plague formation i.e layer of unhealthy cholesterol developed inside blood vessels of heart, which was the main cause for 80% of heart attacks.

·         Helps regulate digestion (for Un-time meals):
High in fiber content that helps to improve digestion process and also prevents constipation. Curry leaves is natural anti bacterial and is known to eases diarrhoea too.

·         Prevents cancer & reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and Radiation:
As mentioned of “carbazole alkaloids” it also prevents cancer especially prostate, intestinal and rectal cancer. Chemotherapy and Radiation done to treat the cancer cells is associated with other side effects. Curry leaves is known to reduce these side effects too.

Additional uses by applying externally:
·         For hair :

Curry leaves nourishes the hair and may in some cases prevents premature graying of hair.
How to prepare curry leaf hair paste?

  1.  Take fresh curry leaves clean it by water washing. 
  2. Make it like paste by stone grinding for full benefit, mixer blade grinder won’t extract its juice completely.
  3.  Apply as hair pack few hours before shower.
  4. Also you may mix the paste with coconut oil, what you normally use for hair?
·         For skin:

Anti microbial action of this leaves makes it use in case of acne as a result of bacteria.
Apply the paste of this leaves which may help to reduce acne.

Here comes the consuming part;
How to include curry leaves in our food?

1.      Add the leaves in most of the Indian food menu and side dishes like from sambar to all vegetable dishes.
2.      Make a powder from clean leaves and eat it raw or mix it up with cooked hot rice and ghee. You can also dry roast ‘split black gram and Bengal gram along with red chili powder and salt’ to make it more tasty sort of variety rice.
3.      Or extract juice out of it and drink it with jaggerypowder (Gur/ Naatu sarkarai).

Special instructions:
Always wash the curry leaves thoroughly before using it as it sometimes may harbor eggs of certain parasites.
Storage Instructions:
You may remove the leaves from the stem or even with the stem, store it in airtight container, PP bag and refrigerate. You can place tissue paper at bottom of container which absorbs the moisture and keeps the leaves fresh for extended days.

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