How to cure rashes on baby of age from 3 weeks and above (

Why the rashes are possibly affects baby?

1. It's normal new born rash. It's their skin reacting to the new environment of dust, temperature & climate.
2. Washing machine contains 1000 kind of germs variety, most cause rashes even to adults.
3. Might some time due to use of talcum powder which usually blocks the sweat glands, Results in rashes.

How to cure rashes?
1. Gently wipe the skin using cotton cloth with water.
2. Please try to use Lactacyd baby bath liquid soap it can prevent having rashes, try to use unscented but don't use it too much to the baby if possible warm.
3. First totally clean your washing machine and wash your baby’s cloth by hand. Please start this right away.
4. Use mother breast milk with a cotton cloth then apply it on the face of your baby.
5. Many cases this was normal better not to worry. leave it that way! Don’t put anything. It will be cured by itself. Just make sure environment is free of dust and lives in cool environment.
6. Consult a pediatrician if you are unsure are scared of it. Might some-times be atopic dermatitis.

Avoid these:
Don’t put any powder/talc or creams unless recommended by professionals! It is bad to buy any kind of creams available in Pharmaceuticals, it may won’t work on your baby just a waste of money and baby’s health. So, I suggest u to ask your pediatrician she knows better, if you are unsure.

True story:
One of the kid aged 4 years affected by unknown rashes all over his body even expert doctor’s don’t know what causing this and no medicine cures the baby’s skin. Few week’s past the baby looks so awful that his skin was being eaten by rashes every day his inner flesh started to be visible. Mother lost her hope and thought her baby won’t survive. Finally one day kid’s grand-mother visited her daughter’s house. She saw her grand-child was severely affected by rashes, then she called her daughter and told that same happened to you too when you were a baby. I usually wash your cloths in washing machine one day it got malfunction, I was happened to hand washed your cloths the rashes was disappeared from your skin. After machine got repaired I resumed washing in that machine, rashes started to develop on you again. I called up on expert and they checked the machine was full of dirt accumulated in hidden areas which we can’t be able to clean without removing certain parts. So, the expert gave me a machine drum cleaning tablet and rinsed the machine, the machine drum was full of dark brownish foam. He told this is what causing rashes to your baby, this contains thousands of germ varieties which survive by eating dirt & anything to live. He suggested me to clean using this tablet every month. Then, to my surprise your rashes was gone with in a couple of days.

After hearing that she took all her babies cloth & hand washed. To her surprise that no expert doctor’s  be able to identify what causing rashes, Her baby finally got recovered totally. But, before they all thought that the kid won’t make it, his fate is over. And now he can be able to go to school and mingle with other kids in school.

I hope it would have at least helped you, if you share this article to your known people you can save many lives as possible by educating them. Hope you all will live prosperously by god’s grace…

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