Who is making money? Top best keyword searches made and Keyword traffic in search engines review (servicebloggers.com)

We all should have to know as a website owner for generating traffic to our website. Very important factor was found to be keyword, SEO. So, when we look closely at the matter what keywords are searched every single day which is dominating online world?

Readers discretion is advised, I apologies for some words openly used here, i intended to write only to educate people.

Few example keywords which dominates the online industry are

  1.  Celebrity
  2.  Topless
  3.  Nude or naked
  4.  Other words which is related to above 3 words
  5.  Free Download
  6.  Software
  7.  Games
  8.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  9.  Free ways to make money online
  10.  How to make money online
  11.  Hot, breaking
  12.  Trending
  13.  Viral
  14.  Pics, Photo, HQ, High resolution
  15.  Job vacancy
  16.  SEO
  17.  Earn
  18.  What
  19.  How
  20.  Where
  21.  Find
  22.  Free
  23.  Discount, Coupon
  24.  Bitcoin
  25.  Crypto currency
  26.  News
  27.  Increase Traffic
  28.  Climate change
  29.  Stock market, Share market
  30.  Wall street
  31.  Buy / Sell
  32.        Video
  33.        Affiliate marketing

And so on……..

These are not limited to still more to go.
To get cleared each and every doubts say for knowledge about a particular subject. Search engine like Google, Yahoo acts as a broker to help us find what we are looking for. Remember they are not the destination for our knowledge. Search engines just guide us to so many destinations for what we are looking for which most of the time are irrelevant (same as real estate brokers most of the time they show us irrelevant plots, lands that makes us frustrated or annoyed).

We have to appreciate the work of website owners not the search engines. We are helping the search engines to be profitable not them helping every one of us. Top most dominant keywords searched are not for knowledge, just time pass like social media and ruining their life. Only for these search results will be more relevant for the searchers. This is how search engines were expanded and are making good money.

Search engines investment is just to maintain database, memory hard disks, server and employees to attract advertisements and look for websites which are searched more often, find who is having more article posts and websites bookmarked on their browser. They alter accordingly and make tough time for website owners.

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