Govt. is providing house & allowance for those have 2 wives, but look at these terms & conditions before //

We all will be surprised to know that the United Arab Emirates has introduced a strange law. In that law the Govt. is providing many facilities for those who marry second wife also. According to the report received from the ministry, states that the government is now giving a house or additional house allowance for living together with two wives.

Why this sudden decision and whats behind this new law enforcement?

By, seeing the increasing number of unmarried girls in the country and also based on the issue of Diminishing population, the govt. has taken this decision. Based on the information we got from the ministry says; that the Infrastructure Development Minister of UAE made this announcement during the session of the Federal National Council. The minister said that; the ministry has decided that all those man holding two wives will be given house allowance under the “Sheikh Zayed Housing Program”.

The house allowance will be for the 2nd wife, which will be in addition to the allowance already received for first wife. The minister also said that the living condition will be the same for the second wife as of the first wife.

Just think what will happen if this is also applicable in China & India, Or if this law happen to be enforced in all countries of this world what will happen?
Please share your thoughts here.

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