How To Be a Fearless and Fluent Public Speaker //

As i always used to have stage fear some times even leg shivering unknowingly, there’s always a sense of fear to many peoples when it comes to public speaking. Even the experienced public speaker worries about whether their performance was good enough or not. So, you don’t have to worry if you are weak in public speaking as there are many peoples just like you.

"Practice make a man perfect"

You are here trying to overcome this fear, and that’s already one step towards it. In this article, we have included some of the tips and tricks to be fluent in public speaking. Once you follow these, you will be on a journey of improving your public speaking skills and becoming a fluent public speaker. These are easy to follow tricks, so we suggest you follow them every time you speak in front of audiences.

So, here are the factors you should consider to become an effective public speaker :

1. Your Speaking Time

According to many professional speakers, the timing of the talk is one of the most important things to consider. While giving a speech, you should be focused on whether you are boring to your audience or not. The surest way to be boring is to talk too long, which you should neglect doing.

In most cases, the introduction to the topic is longer than the topic itself. An introduction is needed, but you should come to the main subject as quick as possible without making your audience bored. The rule to the perfect public speaking is to get up, build your point as positively as you want to, sit down.

2. Preparation & PresentationOf Speech

As for the speech, many people tend to memorize the speech word to word. I would suggest not to do that as if you forgot one word, that’s when the hemming and hawing starts. If the audience is good enough, they will figure out if you have memorized or not, and that tends to alienate your listeners.

As per the experts, the best way to prepare your speech is to lay it out, thought for thought. Note down the ideas in a sequence you wish to communicate with your listeners. As you speak, all you have to do is glance down at your notes each time you’ve finished speaking on a topic. If you do this, you nither would be memorizing word for word and nor would be speaking extemporaneously.

You should try to make your speech as entertaining and interactive as possible, whether it is formal or informal. You certainly don’t need to become a comedian to do this, but you can always get a little humour into your talk. Try to make the listeners pay attention to you by making them smile and laugh occasionally.

3. Impression You Make Upon The Audience

Aside from your actual talk, there is also a factor you should consider to master the art of public speaking. The way you speak and the impression you make upon the audience is a part to focus on to be a fluent public speaker. Your movement and body gesture plays a vital role in your performance.

The best thing you can do is to be you and act as natural as you can. Try to cover up the most part of the stage by moving so the audience can move their eyes too and be attentive. You should speak in a strong tone and put emphasis on certain keywords.

Don’t be too concerned over the fact that you are nervous or feeling uncomfortable during or before your talk. It is faced by almost all speakers as it is just human psychology to behave like that. Once you pick the right approach, the nervousness will be converted into a motivating factor.


At last, it all depends upon you and your approach to it. These factors are the factors mentioned by some of the best public speakers around the world. We have it summarised them for your easiness.

So, if you have to make a speech, don’t try to overthink it. Follow the suggestions provided above and give your best. Your speech will get better and better every time you delivers it. Keep trying and you will get the results.

This poet by Dr Leifchild shows the pattern to follow in delivering most speeches :

Begin low, speak slow;
Take fire, rise higher;
When most impressed,
Be self-possessed;
At the end wax warm;
And sit down in a storm.

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