How to get job and make money on YouTube //

How to get job and make money on YouTube
Author: Pradeep  Date: Jan 2020.

Are you willing to work on YouTube? This digital company specializing in the broadcasting and creation of multimedia content. YouTube is currently one of the largest search engine in the online market powered by Google. The secret of its success has been to allow users to create a channel in which anyone can upload and Broadcast their videos.
In this way, YouTube has become an alternative means of communication that of television, many people have achieved fame thanks to Google for that. If you Aspire to direct your career on the digital sector and want to know how to work on YouTube, You are on Right place.
In this article we tell you how you can apply to the jobs available on this Hybrid social media giant.

Pointed out some ideas:

1. If you want to know how to work on YouTube you have to know the YouTube Jobs website, that is, the page specialized in announcing the job offers that this company has around the world. It is a website that is in English and that puts those interested in working in the company in contact with the different vacancies that currently exist.

Keep in mind that in this company frequent vacancies posted are from 3 profiles:
• Engineers
• Product and design specialists
• Business and operations specialists
How to get job and make money on YouTube

2. To be able to consult the vacancies and job offers on YouTube you just have to look at the upper right corner of the screen where it says "View Jobs"; Click there to find the current job offers. You will see that, immediately, a Google pop-up window opens.

3. In the new tab that has been opened you will see only YouTube offers appear because we have accessed the list through the YouTube Jobs website. Here you will have a search bar where, by default, “YouTube” will appear and, next to it, you can choose the country where you want to find your new job.

If you want, just under these two bars, there are other “More filters” options in case you want to adjust and narrow your search better specifying aspects such as the education that is requested, the experience, the latest ad post or older ad post in ascending or descending order, and so on.

4. As soon as you detect the offer that interests you most and fits your profile, click on it and a complete description of the work you will have to do will appear: the responsibilities associated with the position, the minimum qualifications to apply for the job, the required experience, etc. If everything fits with you, you just have to go to the top of the page and click on the blue “Apply” button.

5. Once you have applied to work on YouTube you will see that, again, a parallel tab opens. Here you must include all your curriculum data to be able to enroll in the desired offer, you must include a letter of introduction in English and detail all your education and experience in the sector to which you are applying. And ready!

6. The option we have told you is the easiest and most usual to work on YouTube but it is not the only one! There are other employment channels such as Info jobs or Indeed where they also advertise some of the job offers of this great social network and, therefore, you can sign up to receive them in your mail.
Although we want to emphasize that the best way to apply for an offer is through YouTube Jobs because it is the page specialized in publishing all the vacancies they have around the world.

7. The basic fundamental part of finding work focuses on writing a good CV. How to prepare a good CV? is explained in separate article, although if you want to go one step further, there are specialized websites that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job. But, maximum are paid services.


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