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4+ Major lines on your Palm tells about your Ability and Marriage Life
Author: Pradeep   Dated: Feb 2020.

Hand Palm Lines Names and Details:

Here i have bought you some interesting info about palm lines. Palm lines tells a lot about lifestyle and physiological stability. When it comes to lifestyle of individual, palm lines are used by taking note of its shape (straight or curve), length ( long or short ) and deepness in presence (dark or lighter).

There are four major lines on our palm which is explained below:
Hand Palm Lines Names and Details

1. Heart line: It run from between index and middle finger to the edge of palm. It indicates emotional strength and state. Curve heart line means sensitive, emotional and intuitive in nature while straight heart line means being Logical and self-preserve about emotion.
Deep heart line means emotional strength while lighter one means emotional sensitive or vulnerable.

2. Head line: It is located below heart line and it means mental ability.
Curve head line means creativity while straight head line means rational and logical (Straight forward).
Long head line has ability to focus well while short head line has trouble focusing.

3. Life line: It curve around the thumb pad and it has nothing to do with longevity of life. It rather point to how you are taking care of yourself and it also means vitality.
Long life line (the one that get to the bottom of palm) means you are a person people look up to while short life line (the one that does not get to the bottom of palm) means you are likely going to be distracted when hit by tough time.

4. Fate line (line of stability): It is not common to everybody. It start from bottom of palm and run towards middle finger.
It indicates how you feel about life you create.
If broken in several places, it means you have many career and life changes in your life time.

Marriage line (Includes love line):
These lines are similar to most peoples. Common line is the one at center which will be darker, that represents marriage age. Other lighter lines are shorter love incident age.
Marriage and Love Lines Details

Please have a look at the picture, comment your interesting thoughts here.

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