Few Signs God is Trying to get your Attention

Author: Newshub.       Date: May 2020

God wants to have a invisible spiritual relationship with all of us. He is the only number one person we believe to know when we run into problems, when we are scared, or need someone to talk to. God gives us the tools to reach out to him and create that dialog. However sometimes, we choose to turn to other options. We forget that God is there for us, feel he doesn’t have time for us, or any number of excuses.

In these moments we are turned away from God and ignore him. But he is trying to get our attention. God wants to help us, ease our pain, and be a resource. God may speak to us softly during prayer, or scream from the rooftops trying to get us to notice Him. There are many ways God reaches out to us that we sometimes ignore or brush off completely. After so much of stress and frustration we start to curse God for what we ignored at the beginning. And try to pray, remember, and if nothing happens curse again this is what we often do.

Is 'God' calling out to you and trying to get your attention? Here are the some signs that he is.


Knowing the signs He's trying to tell you something and how to discern those messages are imperative in order to live the life God wants for us. God may be trying to reach you to encourage you back on spiritual course. It’s important to tune out the commotion, if only for a few moments each day in order to hear His voice. One of the ways God may be trying to get your attention is through pictures and symbols. Did an image or something symbolic come out of nowhere? You might have accidentally brushed if off as something else, but it could be God. When The Holy Spirit steers your focus somewhere and then speaks spiritually through the moment, listen carefully.

Through People

Another way God brings us guidance is through people messengers. The Lord will use family, close friends and even total strangers to speak a word into your life that will pierce an area God is trying to deal with. Sometimes, a random person you meet will mention something that you desperately needed to hear or know, that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard had you not come across their path. God can use these people to bring you the gospel and give you solid advice. These people want the best for you, and God will choose people that you trust to really deliver important messages. Rely on your friends during the dark times. If you are feeling divinely guided by someone, God might be trying to get your attention.


Do you feel The Force leading you in a certain direction? It might seem that He told you to start your own business or write a book. You’ll soon start noticing more and more a trend or pattern of occurrences pushing you in that direction. This might be what God has planned for your life. If you aren't sure, simply ask Him! He will continue to provide you the clues. God not only opens our ears, but also seals instruction so that we are notified of our faults, counseled in wrong direction and given instruction on best ways to move forward from these circumstances. The many scripture tells us, “He may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings”. We can learn a lot through these instructions. We just have to be open to listening to what He is saying.

Increase of Internal Momentum

Your spirit begins to engage and respond to the voice and Will of God. You will begin to feel internally motivated to understand God’s direction, advice or warning. When you feel your heart pulling your brain a certain way, consider it being God's hand in your life. He can give you the energy to move a specific way. We aren’t always open to hearing God’s voice because most of the time with our busy and hectic schedules, we close our ears and don’t take the time to feel the Holy Spirit tugging at our hearts. While God can speak to us when we set aside time for prayer and meditation, He also speaks to us sometimes when it’s inconvenient, like the times when you can barely hear yourself think.

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