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The Gramadhanam (கிராமதானம்) means a peace of land had been given to local residence for free within a village. Gramadhanam properties do not need conversions as they have been used as residences for a long time. In olden village maps drawn during British ruling days, these Gramadhanam can he observed as having been marked as palayam, ooru, etc... (village) properties surrounded Icy survey numbers corresponding to agricultural lands, even in BBMP areas, there are Gramadhanam's for which you can directly obtain a Khata provided the land is a genuine Gramadhanam. Forms 9 and 10, which were tax paid receipts issued by village accountants or other revenue officials in the early days, were previously illicit as proof of a property being designated a Gramadhanam property. But in the 1990s, these forms were issued to lands with survey numbers (agricultural lands), and sellers would use this as proof to convince the buyers to buy unconverted agricultural land passing them off as Gramathana/ Gramadhanam. However, even now there are genuine Gramathana properties within the city. To ensure that it is so, obtain a certificate from the Department of Survey. Settlement & Land Records stating that the property is a Gramathana/ Gramadhanam.

Other related questions:

What is Gramathana Land sites or properties and how to sell Gramathana land?

A Gramathana Site is a site inside village limits which can be used for residential purposes. In many cases the site is surrounded by agricultural lands, but the Gramathana Site itself can be used for non-agricultural purposes.

Is it safe to buy Gramathana Sites ?

Yes, It is legal. e-Khata is now given. Owner details can be checked online as it is electronic; your details can also be checked once you buy property and register on your name. A Khata and e-Khata both are 100% legal.

Which Khata is issued for Gramathana Sites?

Form-9 is a document issued by the Gram Panchayat for non-agricultural properties in its jurisdiction as per Karnataka Panchayat Raj (Grama Panchayat Budgeting and Accounting) Rules 2006, Amendment Rules 2013 mentioned under Rule 28. Gram Panchayats can issue Form 9 only for properties which are attested by the Tahsildar through a sketch certifying the location as located within the Gramathana of the village as per Karnataka state Revenue Department circular bearing No. RD 174 MUNOMU 2005 dated 23.08.2005 and bearing No. RD 146 ASD 2013 dated 14.06.2013. You may download this by click here


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