@Real_Venom_Custom Telegram channel: Mobile, Laptop sale Scammers

 Here is another scammers group in the name of @Real_Venom_Custom , @Venom_Customs_Real at Telegram  messenger.

Click Here to check people who got scammed and raised cyber crime complaint. Since it is a big network they continuously scamming innocents and ignorents. It is our responsibility to keep our Greed in control. These scammers induce our greed and loot money from us easily.

How these scammers trap innocents?

They post photos and videos downloaded from internet, Amazon, flipkart, apple store/iphone store, instagram, facebook, etc... and some they create photoshoped screen shots.

Below is the message they post in every groups they maintain and pin it



Most Asked Questions To Me :

1) How Can You Give This Products At This Rate ( Very Less Rates ) ?

Ans : I Sell This Things At This Rate Because I Do Carding .

2) What Is Carding ?

Ans : Carding Is Also A Kind Of Hacking, Basically In This Hacking We Use Hacked Credit Card For Payment.

3) Which CC ( Credit Card ) You Use ? From Where You Get These CC ?

Ans : I Normally Use Canadian Non Verified Visa Cards Of Imperial Bank Because These Cards Comes With High Balance So I Can Use One CC For 3-4 Orders.I Buy These Cards.

4)Are We Safe ? If We Are Buying Product From You ?
Ans : Yes,You Are Totally Safe.These Are Canadian CC So Now One Will Come To India To Trace Anyone From Canada.And These Are High Balance Credit Card So Credit Card Owner Get There Money Back From Credit Card Insurance.And I Don't Do Carding On
Amazon.com I do Carding on Amazon.in so no one can file global case.So You Are Totally Safe.

5) Why You Don't Give COD ( Cash On Delivery )?

Ans : Because I Am Hacker,I Also Have To Buy CC,Socks 5 And RDP For Completing Orders So I Have To Pay For That So I Can't Proceed Without Payment.

6) How Can I Trust ?

Ans: I am not forcing Anyone To Trust Me Because You Are Buyer,Money Is Yours.
I Post All The Proofs In My Channel If You Are Satisfied With Than You Can Deal With Me.


🌀 All Proofs Are Uploaded In Our Channel. For Trust Issues You Can Check Our Channel.

Trusted Admin 🆔



Fake proofs on their channel:

Don't get greedy upon seeing products available for impossibly cheap rates.

Trap offers to induce your greed:

When ever there is festival season these scammers will be more active and last but not least "Trust no one other than your family"

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