How to create a website for free and own it

How to create free website and own it

You can build your own website if you know html and know how to  upload the files to the hosting site or create using their options. If you don’t know html then you could open a project on freelance websites and get the website done for some dollars  (you can get the website in 2-3 days for about 50-100 dollars).
But if you don’t want to spend any more time and risk no money on building a site like this, then go ahead for what i do.

Go to wordpress site to create a blog by installing layouts, designs, etc.
At the start of the installation you should give a blog name, a blog username and password to access the wordpress blog’s control panel. This is necessary to be able to add or edit posts in your blog and make changes in your themes and design. You can modify the theme as you like. There are 100's and 1000nd's of wordpress free themes you can add to your blog, Also you can do is search on google for ”free wordpress themes”.

Make a wordpress blog that you can have for free -
Well, the problem with the free blogs Is that they are not really yours. what I mean is that even though the content is yours the hosting is not yours and you depend on the wordpress or blogger servers which they have their terms and conditions and those terms can change either.
If they suspect something wrong or just don’t like your blog they can suspend your account. It may lead to loss of your hard work, So from this noted point a free service is less precious than a paid service.
My advice is to use a service that will relieve you from stress and work done for nothing.

Suggestion: Hostgator, Godaddy are a low paid service for hosting.
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