How to get active direct referrals free

Best tips to get direct referrals (Free):
There are several ways to get direct referrals, but we sorted out the best ways for you which is easier and valuable.

Here shows the free ways to get direct referrals:
@ From Traffic exchange
@ From Referral exchange
@ From your blog
From traffic exchange:
You should know how traffic exchanges are working. TE works in the basis of free service which benefits them and us, By bringing people like me and you to advertise freely. To bring traffic to your advertisement, you should view others ads to get credits for your ads. By encouraging to view ads, If any one likes your ad they may join as your referral.

Some of traffic exchanges i use are:


From Referral exchange:
The title itself clearly shows you the meaning, they provide service by letting people to signup as referrals for the ads of their members. You get credits by signing up as a referral for the ad shown by one of the sites member.
Referral exchange site-

From your blog:
This is a slow process of getting referrals, but have a wonderful opportunity of getting active referrals. First you create a blog and post as of your needs. Don't sit and wait by doing just it, put this blog into your traffic exchange account and do posts by gaining knowledge of the sites updates.

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