Paidverts Is Legit or Scam


Paidverts lets first see how does this site works. It is the only new hybrid program between PTC and Revenue sharing, Started in March-2014.
This sites Admin also own's Mytrafficvalue which is online since 2010 as a downline builder.

Paidverts revenue shared by interacting with Advertisers
Here Advertisers list their site for guaranteed views as like PTC.

There are 2 factors determining your daily earnings

  • Amount of BAP(Bonus Ad Points) you accumulate.
  • Revenue sharing: Total sales generated that day, your main focus is to grow BAP in your account to receive high value ads.
So How to increase BAP?  For that you are going to purchase advertising(Create campaign on "By ads menu". For each $1 spent to purchase ads you receive 3100 BAP. Those 3100 BAP delivers $1.55 ads available to click.

You make 55% net profit again and again as your investment.

They have a certain total amount of money that they can issue each day in ads. Calculated from how they divide up each ad purchase, and our other revenue streams. There after create ads of various sizes to consume that daily total. With each ad promoting a randomly available campaign.
If you look at our first 550,000 ad views, they delivered half a million clicks for just over $10k in total value. Which gives us a 1.8cent per click average. So whilst our numbers look impressive on the surface, with some nice juicy big ads for our biggest users (up to $200/click); they're balanced quite well with the free BAP ads, and very-low value ads to free members. Just they focus the bulk of the earning at proven valuable users. And that's what makes PV special!
If you want to earn more, aim to climb our "BAP Groups", if you move up a group, you'll earn at least a bit more than the one before it on any given daily ads

BAP level ladders:  
Level 0: 100 to 1600
Level 1: 1600 to 12000
Level 2: 12000 to 24000
Level 3: 24k to 48k
Level 4: 48k to 96k
Level 5: 96k to 180k
Level 6: 180k to 360k
Level 7: 360k to 720k
Level 8: 720k to 1.5m
Level 9: 1.5m to 3m
Level 10: 3m to 6m
Level 11: 6m to 20m
Level 12: 20m and up

The above ad groups only concern the main "daily ad issue". We also issue hundreds of thousands of tiny value ads completely at random each day. (Purchase our ad filter from your My Account page if you want to block out low value ads). And any 'targeted ads' will use their own methods of targeting, irrelevant of your BAP.
Buy our "Recycler Pro" upgrade from your My Account page to gain priority receiving "Recycled ads" (the ads other users don't click on, and subsequently give away to another user at random).
Buy our "Super User" upgrade from your My Account page, to gain priority receiving the 10 x 1% value ads that get automatically created, and issued at random, with each new Bulk Ad campaign purchased each day.
All users also have the option to request a "Micro Ad" pack (up to 2 per day) from your Paid Ads page. That will deliver 12 tiny value ads to your account instantly. So you always have something to keep occupied!

Paidverts have free direct referrals

As you get 5% earnings from every click made by your referrals, and 10% on every purchase they make, As you see every time you view ads 1% is deducted from every ads viewed.


As a member here you are both earner and advertiser, also comes affiliate system. Earn 10% on every purchase your referrals make.

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