Online Earning Failure story To find Elite site

Fellow earners lend me your precious time and take few seconds to read this useful message, as I was also a victim of online scams. It was 4+ years I was trying to search, invest and earn online. When I started looking for proofs almost many are scam. In this  mugdha group,onlinejob etc kind of sites are different peoples effort and money makers.

As I joined one of this kind a site by paying some money, and they provided some sites list, I have to joined most and those sites have to send survey to email, but many will fail only few will send. In this you cannot complete surveys due to screen out. I got frustrated with this….


After I started on PTC,PTR,GPT,etc they pay only in pennies of dollars cannot make as you think online. Have to put some effort and strategy to earn more. Here there are many scams I got Scamed. here too I invested more than $50 dollars and one site closed suddenly without notice.

Days past and searched a lot started a blog explained how to create paypal account and more. Found few legit and elite sites being online for 3+ years and paying.

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