How to earn from CPC, CPA / Affiliate ad

How to earn from CPC Ad ?

CPC ad ( Cost Per Click ) is a profitable way to monetize a Site. its different from CPM because with CPC you will be paid only when visitors view ads by click and view them. The good news is that CPC rates are much, much better and as a result, it is possible to make a decent income even with a small site with not so high traffic. The key with CPC success is to have a well targeted site in a niche where there are a lot of advertisers.
The most popular CPC network is Google Adsense and even though there are other CPC networks, the income you can make from Adsense is much higher compared to other CPC network. The reason is that Google Adsense has many advertisers and if your site is in a profitable niche, CPC can be the best way to monetize your site. Additionally, unlike some of the other CPC ad networks , Google Adsense is open to publishers from all over the world.
Usually CPC ads are text and banner ads. You will be publishing them in blocks. However, also there are some in-text ads available, where the keyword is underlined and when the visitor places the mouse on it, a tool tip with CPC ads appears. In-text ads are less obtrusive but it takes much more effort for the user to notice them, which means that your chances to make money are further decreased.
The list of good CPC ad networks:
It is not a big list but still there is a choice, i have shown only some popular sites in this network. For instance, 
1. Google Adsense 
2. Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)
3. BidVertiser
4. Chitika
5. Adhitz 
6. Clicksor
7. Kontera
Above are the one's of the most popular networks for in-text CPC ads are generally considered top choices but since many more CPC ad networks pay decent rates for clicks on their CPC ads.

How to earn from CPA/ Affiliate Ad ?

Currently CPA ( Cost Per Action ) is the most profitable way to monetize a site in a profitable niche. CPA, also known as “affiliate program” as i have listed in previous post, pays you a commission when your visitors perform an action. For instance the action most often  is a purchase, but it could also be something else (i.e). download a free trial, or signup for the service of the advertiser.

Affiliate programs can make you rich because there are many products with really better commissions around 4% - 14%. For niches such as health, finance, travel, etc. affiliate programs are a real golden mine.
However, affiliate programs require a lot of efforts from your side and still there is no guarantee that the offers you pick to promote will convert well and will make you money. why because users might only interested in the product not signing up for that offer, Sometimes even the highest converting offers won't convert on your site and the only thing you can do is replace them with other offers, hoping that they will convert better.

There might be few hundreds of CPM ad networks but for CPA there are thousands of product selling sites around. It is practically impossible to try all of them personally and this is why we would like to
recommend some of the famous and 
Best list of Affiliate Program
1. Amazon
2. eBay
3. ShareASale
4. Commission Junction
5. Clickbank
6. Max Bounty
7. Azoogle
8. Never Blue Ads
9. LinkShare
10. PepperJam
11. Flipkart
12. SFI network are just a few of the greatest CPA networks i can give as a short list to try. 

How Direct Sales of Ad works ?

If you find that you can not make much out from the CPM ad networks, or CPC and CPA don't convert well with your site, you could try to find direct advertisers . However, have in mind that such a try is not necessarily be ending in success and if your site doesn't have much of audience you will hardly be able to negotiate good prices because advertisers can't reach elsewhere.

Still, for some sites direct sales of ad/ E-commerce is a viable alternative for (Ex: you have a supplier, to have a supplier you will pay a monthly fee to the supplier for shipping products to your customers and this is why you could also try it.

Some direct ad sellers sites listed here:
Openads Ad Server and OIO Publisher Ad Platform are two of the sites where you could try your luck. AdBrite also allow you to price your ad space. In fact, almost any major network gives you the chance to put a widget on your site to invite advertisers directly to advertise on your site.
Sell Merchandise/Goods/Services In addition to CPA ads, where you are selling other merchants products. 
You can try selling your own merchandise or products/services with your brand. This technique works well mainly for popular sites with loyal audience and is hardly the easiest way to monetize a site. You could try to sell merchandise/goods/services as a supplementary service and if you see that this monetization
technique works, you can expand the business. But this stage is hard to get, you should have a good catchy content website name for instance selling coffee beans your website theme should be of ease to navigate to place their orders. 
CafePress is one of the best places where you can sell merchandise with your logo and the greatest thing is that they print on demand, which means you don't have to keep your merchandise in stock.
The monetization techniques we described here can be combined. You can run CPM ads together with CPA or CPC. You can also combine multiple ads from the same type (i.e. CPM, CPC, or CPA) from different ad networks, provided that this doesn't violate the terms of these networks. The basic rule is that you need to try and see what works for you. The fact that a given monetization technique works well for someone already doing, doesn't mean that it will work for everyone so you need to try and see for yourself and might find new ways too.

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