How to make money from website using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the near future, Internet based Artificial Intelligence is going to be the major source of income for millions of online users.

There are various ways to monetize online assets, it is possible to make a living as a website owner or Freelancer. However, this doesn't mean that every online business owner is a millionaire. Well, if you know how to monetize your website using AI, you might not get rich but at the same time it won't be a bad course of action to take, you will be able to cover your hosting fees and other associated expenses you spend for your site. This earning is a passion for many, by using AI you can make your dream to reality.

Currently the most profitable ways to monetize your sites are Affiliating, CPM ads, CPC ads, CPA ads, direct sales, booking services and selling products it goes on. These ways are explaied in this article.

How does Affiliation program works?

Affiliating program is like promoting a websites product on your website. As a website owner you will add HTML ad generated code from user account of a particular affiliated website you registered to.When your website users founds the advertisement attractive he/she might click and go to your affiliated website for purchasing. Once user purchases a product you will be paid with commission in percentage basis.

How does CPM Ads works?

CPM ads ( Cost Per Thousand ) is a type of site monetization used in beginning days when internet started its journey. You put banners on your site and advertisers pay you based on the number of unique impressions /page views your site has. CPM ads are the easiest form of site  monetizing because they auto updates advertisements once you add HTML code almost no effort on your side, but they are the least money making way because unless you have high traffic and your audience is well-targeted, the rates are low. 

Some CPM ad networks pay as low as $.05 per 1,000 unique impressions, which means that you need millions of visitors in order to make $100-200 a month. Popups and layer ads pay a bit more like $0.5 - $2.0 per 1,000 unique page views. They could bring you a few dollars a month but many visitors find them especially irritating and this is why many web masters are not willing to put popup ads or layer ads on their sites.
Now a days popup ads are not encouraged by advertising websites, as a result they will deactivate your membership in advertising their customers ads.

There are high-paying CPM ads for instance ads paying $2.0 - $5.0 per 1,000 unique visits but usually the networks that run them have very high traffic and quality requirements for the sites that are advertising. As a result, it is very hard to get into these networks and take advantage of these well paid CPM  ads.

There are many CPM networks that may interests you:
For sites with lots of traffic can choose better and some of the good options are ,TribalFusion,  CasaleMedia, ValueClick, AdBrite, AdToll, Right Media and BurstMedia. Some of these networks are CPM only, while others have other types of ads as well. Google also has CPM ads, so you may try them.

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