For next & future generation students do 1 profession is enough? //

For next & future generation students do 1 profession is enough?
Author: Pradeep  Date: Nov 2019

10–24 years experience multiple challenges to their health and well-being. However, limited evidence is available on factors influencing their health trajectories. But, by using our sixth sense we can elaborate this scenario. (Study done with reference to present as 2019) Let’s take our grand fathers generation, those who lived in cities studied up to SSLC grade & very few done PUC. At the same time in villages even SSLC was a huge accomplishment.

Look at our father’s generation average city people studied PUC and few dropped out or completed a bachelor’s degree. At same time in village PUC was more than enough. Present commingled generation lives either in city or village both are forced to have a degree otherwise no life. Now the 90’s generation are very much forced to have at least two degrees. So, then only you will get married HA HA HA!!! Not so funny.

Australia started a mixed-method cohort study by taking 2250 students aged from 10 to 24. The foremost important thing in that study consists of health and well-being. Reading memorizing comes next. Tests are done (Pressure handling ability or resilience from attempting suicide and more kind of tests are done).

What the future generation’s life would be in this over populated world look like?
Either they should curse or they just run in the rat race. They should possess two or three professions, I am not saying degrees. Their situation is like a pressure cooker any time they will burst. The end result might be worse like loss of life. In this fast transforming world, the need for skills too changing rapidly. The older generations at least had time to experience this world. But, unfortunate future generation will experience only theoretical imagination world. I am not saying all but, 7 out of 10 would be like that. Because of the present schooling system and the luxuries society we live in.

What should be done for that? Three principles for future governance: resilience, sustainability, solidarity

As we enter 4th Industrial revolution. Our generation should wake up and protest to change the system somewhat like the below. When students attains 11 years the school will have enough records to find out where each students are very much interested and scored more in. system should be like, categorizing students according to their strength and skill sets earlier. No need for putting all subjects compulsory for all, which are in most cases used less or never used in their entire life.

Present and future world employer’s looks for different skilled employees. Future generation must and automatically possess two or more professional skills for survival. Say for example (Machinery Engineer one profession but he/she holds one more profession related to that which he/she will automatically have was electrical skills). Two professional skills like this for future is not enough and I am not meaning this too. Two or more professional skills what I mean was little bit related or totally different from 1st profession students holds. This will be achieved only by changing the schooling system at 11 years itself.

If this schooling system persists to hold two or more (degree) professions he/she should waste or invest 30 years of life for schooling itself. At the same time, the world will not be fit for living due to climate change. It is a do or die situation for future students to be corrected only by present generation people.

Predicted future studies are “Aerospace Engineering and Robotics”. Believe it or not you will see the media filled with these advertisements for sure.

Humanity over the period of time due to over education forgot giving back to the world what was taken from nature!!! End result No more other living species…
-          Pradeepan

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