Self Sufficient life and economy "Live tax free, Stress free and Environment friendly".

Before we talk about economics, we need to recall a few basic facts. I'm not going to say anything new. I am going to outline the methodology of our forgotten life that’s it. First we need to think of the difference between desire and essential needs. Only then you will understand what is necessary.
Stop investing in the bank with your hard earned money. The money transfer system must first be slowed down and stopped.

The bank will give you less interest on the money you deposit. By the time you payout, the inflation will eat up all the interest what banks showcase and some of the invested money eaten as hidden charges other to government as tax. What banks actually do is lend your money to the city and earn more interest + other many hidden charges. The difference in interest is profitable for the bank. Bank borrowers need to increase profits in their business if they want to repay the loan with higher interest rates, i.e. increase the selling price of the products they produce (ex: vegetables, meats, fruits, etc…) You are the one who started the inflation by saving your value lessening money in the bank and bank makes the same expensive. The interest you get monthly from the bank will go right up for the inflated price. You are in furiously brain washed state so that you will start to think. If, i had not deposited money in the bank, i could not be able to withstand this price rise. Please at least understand now that banking is the main cause of that price rise. “That is why banks have 100’s of branches and lakhs of employees”.

This is the rapid theft of the banks, which slowly pilfer your owned assets and economic independence from you, auction them off. Increase inflation (price of all products) and prevent growth.

Please bare with me for the lengthy article for Self-sufficient life. kindly read it full and leave your comments for development.

Food, clothing, shelter all three are essential for life. But if we look at our lives, we know that luxury products are dominating more.
Another important point is that it takes some time to try out each of the steps listed below. (It may take a lot of time to think and understand). I just want to remind those who give lame excuses, I don't have time, office work and homework are over my head.

Following is the main subject which explains the need for a self-reliance economy.
We were not born only to work, we were born to live. Life is to enjoy the miracles of the world (I'll write about that in another post in detail). Going to work is to meet the needs of life. That is, what do you buy from your salary? You will buy only the necessities to live at home. There are many home politics involved, consider it. The profit your office get from your work is definitely several times higher than your salary. Otherwise they will not keep you at work.
For example, let's say your salary is ten thousand. Your company will definitely make thirty thousand profits from your work or Thirty thousand left over from not loosing. If you work eight hours, you will only be paid a slice. Remaining Profit for the employer or management seniors. Now, with that ten thousands whatever you buy, the value of the item plus the tax, packing will drop in your head, The value of the goods you purchased and the value of the service you received add up to approximately four thousand. The remaining six thousand will go to the profit of others and the government. “This is why no one who goes to work, settles down in life”. Also, with the above expenses, emergency expenses gift is provided like for health, mental depression, hospital costs, money laundering, debt trouble, etc...

Now let's say in 24 hours, 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours for own and other jobs. What if instead of working these 8 hours for others, you worked for yourself to meet your needs? You will get the fruits of your labor. It may look like I am blabbering.
Just remember our grandparent’s life style on their old & golden days. Their main work will be agricultural. They lived to harvest and sell the produce on their own land. They will use the paddy money only for their other needs. Working out also brings physical health. There will also be profits. There would have been no medical cost. You might ask already "Farmers committing suicide” you talk reasonably, we must admit that this situation is only brought by us and filthy governments. Don’t be afraid you are matured enough, I am not asking everyone to fulfill your day today needs by yourself. Some people produce food products. Some make clothes. Some build shelters. A town can meet its needs with the people of the town itself. “There is 2 such village in india awarded for self-reliance living. They work for them self’s and fulfill their needs. Even they provide remaining electricity to the government and make revenue out of it” 
USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and more are coming to learn this and they already started implementing in their country. this is how our ancestors lived for centuries.

I know this can’t be done over night. Because we are already used to be slaves to TV, Western peoples, Politicians. There are also psychological problems in implementing this. Thus, for most people comfortable life means, beach side bungalow, swimming pool in the side wooden bench laid out with four or five laborers as slaves. Also whether it is needed or not, buying the mind mesmerizing all kind of expensive rubbish from shops every week filling at their home, thinking doing like this others will envy their image. Showing off I am like TV commercials. Remove those false portrayals from your imagination. You will think of yourself as the boss that comes with it. “But the people who control the community will keep you as their slaves never forget”.

Then why these Media show that desire. Because you will come to work whether you like it or not. Someday they will convince you that you can enjoy a luxurious life from a certain day. “You will never be at ease, you are experiencing a bad and difficult life,” they always brainwash. The tactic of controlling & patrolling a flock-like society is only visible to the power desk of some multi-millionaire. “The Self-sufficient Life style and economy is to escape the spider web of these superhuman minds and live a healthy and good life”.

Appearance or Image. The appearance of an individual in this community determines who he is. “Read about Halo Effect and Horn Effect to understand more detailed terms”. Realize the psychological underpinning of such thoughts.
Throw the image that the community expects or recognizes. You can change your life as you like. But everyone needs to get together for this change to happen. If at least a hundred families understand the commodity and sub-economy, everyone who sees their growth and quality of life will follow the subculture. “Please, I kindly ask you to search for that 2 village which is self-reliance in all perspective”.

Suppose the raw ingredients for home cooking are approximately one hundred. See what's available in local. There will be approximately eighty items. Many products are packed in plastic packets and have a big brand name (I will separately explain this branded meaning). Don't buy them. The same products are available at cheaper price by local brand. Buy the same. The remaining twenty items you can produce yourself at home.
For example, if you want chili powder, you can buy whole chilli and coriander. Sun dry it at home and grind it in the nearest flour milling the taste will be better than this big bullies. Similarly, each product can be prepared at home in trial and error. Try it and it will be easy for you. Don't try to make everything on one day itself. Start preparing each ingredient one by one. In single year none of the items in your kitchen will be great brand items. At the time of the monthly budget you will be surprised of saving thousands of rupees. Medical costs will be avoided in the future. What more you want than this? But, instead we live opposite.

These are all by-products not raw materials. The next move of the land holders should be towards yield. Consider other essential needs, such as clothing and shelter, for those who do not own land Even a jeans for a thousand bucks can not be bought for good. But calculate how many hours you have to work for the same thousand rupees. You will work for approximately sixteen hours. Buy a Material of a T-shirt now. Sew the shirt for yourself. You can prepare the shirt for yourself in four hours of labor. First come the gown, and after the sleeves, you can sew yourself a boutique. It might sense funny. Because living in this community for many years ignorantly. It will be funny if you give out thoughts that are beneficial in one day. Try to understand the benefits of this Self-sufficient economic lifestyle.

If you prepare these products for yourself and fulfill your community's need, you will have the potential and knowledge to produce and market the essential products in five to ten years. Your growth and social development is more essential.

Learn what addiction and the barrier was. Few examples are
"You can go abroad and earn money and settle down."
“Attention to those very brilliant’s who think of” Get Good IT job, earn lakhs of rupees, buy water rich cultivation land and do organic farming.

Sandalwood, redwood, and Icon statues are not only worth it. Your brain too worth it. Your country will never change stays there when you look back years after spending all your time and effort on the development of another country. You strive to show off in-front of the community you live in. Your family will be a dynasty. Government which allows Trafficking in human resources to a foreign country is also a moral offense. Then tax revenues are high. That means bribing and deporting your potential. After coming back to your country, you will plan to buy a land far away from the city, by saving millions of rupees. The rest of your time will not be enough to balance your health, lost having time with family, finally not saving the mother earth. Nothing will be left to your next generation without Three survival needs. You can’t eat paper, software, internet.

I will put some of these things to work on. “At least my next generation won’t curse me”.

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  1. Good refreshing, lifestyle which we should have followed are reminded again clearly. The present slaverism also explained very much clearly.
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