How to increase organic traffic freely using 8 best SEO ideas

First and foremost is to think in the way as a person who is searching to get an answer, ideas, products, services and time pass these are the main and important reasons why the search engines are created for. Are we clear in this. Okay let’s move on to some of the ideas taken from experiences of me and experts.

I am here to explain about SEO experts. What they mostly think like is what I have mentioned in the first paragraph. You may just come to a conclusion is this it. The answer is of course YES. So, it depends up on you to spend money for increasing traffic are spending your valuable time to increase traffic.

Why most of website owners hire SEO experts, simply because they don’t have time or out of ideas. But, have money to hire an employee. What if no money but having time to invest, there you go. That’s where you are in right now? let’s get started with right away.
I have categorized like I said in 1st paragraph from the point of customers view:

  1. ·        Services
  2. ·        Products
  3. ·        Ideas/ Advice
  4. ·        Answers

Ideas category is common in all.

  •        Blog which have good content (Services):

Take my blog for example the title itself is under service category right!
Blogging is like a long term investment. It’s a slow and steady process you will find results only after years of work, I am not joking. But, optimizing for search engine in the traffic motive is useless; all you’ll have is keyword riddled nonsense. You have to enjoy writing but, in readers point of view (like finding an answer from an experienced person).

  •         Use lengthy keywords in title (Answers, Services):

Make your title in finders point of view, which you will end up automatically in lengthy sentence. Don’t just think of using most popular keyword’s which are drawing traffic as per analytics. Use keywords that are specific to your service. In time search engines like google, yahoo and other will identify your website as most relevant destination for that particular subject. This automatically boosts your search ranking and traffic. Remember search engines finds websites with specific niche topic. Whole lot of other services provided in a single roof will not do much.

  •             Get your meta down (Products, Services):

URL, Description and meta title are the three key ingredients for an optimized web page or blog post. It’s simple but effective. You may find my blog meta description and URL are to a specific service. The same way you may convey the specific details about what my website or blog is about to search engines.
You may use some tools, including Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress, Hubspot’s SEO tools etc… to help you optimize your pages. Automation is not enough, you have to work on it any way. I am not promoting this way. Decades before there is nothing like this right, still some websites are in their position.

  •             Consistency in posting quality content (Answers, Services, Products):

Try to write and publish as often as possible. Like you publish your 1st post which explains about a specific subject, in that some topics you might have explained in brief. You take out those topics and explain it in upcoming posts, but not at the cost of quality. like too much repetitions in topic like cloning original.
Have a thought leadership articles in blog posts that creates organic traffic to your website.

  •             Use Internal links/ back links (Answers, Services, Products):

You have to spend some time on building up back links in some words so that it will be easy for finding answers to all of the reader’s who got some doubts on the go. It’s the one stop learning hub. This can keep visitors on your website for long which helps boost your search ranking. However, don’t over use internal links it some times annoys readers only use on ones you feel important all right.

  •             Linking site with other sites (Products, Services):

Encourage and invite clients, friends, family members, partners, suppliers, friendly bloggers to link with your site. Google prioritizes sites that have a lot of incoming links, especially from a trustworthy site. The more incoming links you have the higher the rank your site gets. It is like an authentication for search engines.
Incoming links does not means always you get authentic link build up. But, also beware of spam links from low-reputation sites. Some actually damage your SEO.

  •             Use all time busy market social media (Services, Answers, Products):

Establish your presence on social media like create a page or group. Beginning stages will be crucial but active posting will boost subscribers. Some hot topics attract more followers without a sweat. This generates healthy traffic. No spamming while posting in social media it damages your blog’s reputation.
Remember, social media is a no.2 Search engine. If people come in from social media, it is a strong signal to search engines that content is relevant and useful.
Reveal you presence in other social media networks. This activity helps to get more popularity on the internet. Add share button to your site to make it easy for people to share your content and never compromise on your content quality.

  •              Audience location monitoring (Service):

Use any traffic monitoring sites like google analytics, feedjit, etc… plenty services available on internet. Use this service to track visitors to your site and how they came like what keywords they used to find you. This allows you to fine tune your title and create new posts in that particular topic.
Familiarize yourself in that topic so that you can give your visitors a quality information and advice.

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