What is needed to run a successful business? Motivation

Today i went to hospital where my uncle was hospitalized, as he met with an accident yesterday.
There i fortunately got an opportunity to see a boy who was around 5 or 6 years old in the physiotherapy room. I understand that the kid had broken his hand, which caused sensitive nerve from brain to hand got seriously damaged. His hand some how got better but his sense and ability to lift his hand was not recovered.

Now lets go to the main subject here, the physiotherapist there was motivating him and giving exercise to his hand by playing the game called Rock a Stack, it's basically staking the rings on a stand. The kid was given the ring he have to lift the ring and stack it on the stand. He was struggling to do so, The kid when ever tries to lift his hand instead his leg lifts first and his head turns some where else. So, the therapist catches and holds his leg and his parents holds his head for exercise purpose. The physiotherapist and his family members encouraging him. At the same time he was surrounded by small kids around his age were told to clap hands when ever he stacks a ring. With the help of motivation he slowly started lifting the ring and slowly stacked it.

All around him clapped and well done to him!!! . He have to arrange 4 more rings, after arranging 3 rings he was like exhausted. But all motivated him to complete the task. when he was about to finish the task there was lot of people crowded around him. This is the moment of happiness, success,  accomplishment there was a huge round of applause, only then we say a bright smile in his face. This was the time even i got my eyes filled with tears.

At that moment i realized, that we humans at particular period of time got totally depressed of failure, bad treatment, fear of facing others and so on. we all had forgotten the sense of encouragement. As an aspiring business owner i really got motivated, That don't rush myself towards depression. because of bad treatment or failure in sales, etc...

Always we don't get motivation or encouragement from our beloved ones. We should not care about the negative words or discouragement words surrounding us. If we are always failing means, only when we choose wrong field at wrong time without doing research. As all the successful people we see now or we saw before, all had gone through these stages. But, those who got swallowed by discouragement are under fear to take next step. Never listen to these discouraging people, they will stay there and do the same thing for ever to every one. But only those who fight this from inside and concentrate only on their goal will be successful, no matter how many times you fail, one day the success fruit will be the sweetest thing than any fruit in the world.

At least we should not be like one of those discouraging people. One day you try encouraging or help others and when you hear any got successful, the feel you get of that is beyond heavenly. That's the universal gift ever we get.

Hope we all live in peace under humanity, with prosperity ever......
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