Don't underestimate white SILICA pouch kept inside packaged foods, specially with dry fruits!!! (

Don't underestimate white SILICA pouch kept inside packaged foods, specially with dry fruits!!!
Author: Pradeep   Date: Jan 2020

Whenever we buy something new like packaged chips, dry fruits, medicines in bottles, shoes or hand bags, a small white pouch written silica found inside it. People often throw it in the garbage considering it useless. But do you know that these small things can be useful for you? The pudding we are talking about is filled with silica gel, which serves to absorb moisture.

Don't underestimate white SILICA pouch kept inside packaged foods, specially with dry fruits!!!

1. If your mobile falls in water or gets wet in the rain, remove the mobile battery and wipe it with a dry cloth. After this, keep the mobile in polythene and put two to four pouches of silica gel in it and close it. Let it be like that for a day or two. After this, your phone will be alright without moisture.
2. You can also use silica pouches to protect steel or iron utensils from junk.
3. If your shoe smells put a silicone slip. This will remove the stink problem.

What about packing silica pouch with food items?

Silica, which is actually silicon dioxide (SiO2), is the same material found in quartz.
Often, you would stumble onto those weird looking, small, white coloured packets that read “Throw away. Do not eat” in bold fonts and you would hurriedly snatch them away from your children.
Well, Silica gel is not toxic and it is actually used to keep things dry. Unacceptable? Let us explain. Silica gel is basically a desiccant and absorbs excess moisture to keep things dry.

What should you do if you actually consumed silica?

Just because it is not toxic doesn't mean that you should actually eat it. They are not meant to be eaten. While it is not toxic, it can cause dehydration if swallowed. The label that screams ‘DO NOT EAT’ is actually meant for small kids, considering it is a choking hazard. If your child actually ends up eating some silica, you should give them some water as it may cause dry mouth.
If you emptied a packet of the stuff into your mouth, the moisture would be whisked away from the sides and roof of your mouth, your gums and tongue, giving an entirely new and all-too-accurate meaning of the phrase "dry mouth." If silica gel did happen to make it past your mouth; which is unlikely because you would probably be making every effort to spit it out -- you might suffer a few irritating side effects, such as:
  • Dry eyes
  • An irritated, dry feeling in your throat
  • Aggravated, dry mucous membranes and nasal cavity
  • An upset stomach or stomach discomfort
'Dangers associated are silica might stick to your throught, intestine or even in bladder. Since silica's nature of becoming sticky to be remembered always'.

What are some of the other uses of silica?

Creative people have actually come up with various different ways of using silica gel. Some of them are:
  • It keeps your old photos from sticking to each other, by absorbing the moisture.
  • Keeping silica gel at the bottom of your jewellery box can actually help in keeping your jewellery bright and shiny.
  • It increases the shelf life of pet food by keeping them from getting stale and soggy.
  • It can also help revive your phone from water damage (just like uncooked rice)

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