Working 6 hours a day and four days a week. Finland Prime minister bold announcement //

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin has announced a new rule that people will work only 6 hours a day and only four days a week.
What? Yeah you heard it right It is not good to think too much. This is not a lie. The stunning decision first time in the history was made by 34 year old (on 2019) Prime Minister of Finland, "Sanna Marin". But, to say that it had caused a stir shock and jealousy amongst employees around the world.

Why this shock? Because, there is no such announcement made in our country.

Employees welcoming happily :)
Usually a week ends with a holiday in all country. Most holidays are only nominal, such as Festival Day, Companies important day, Year End and Month End. In the meantime, this stunning announcement of the prime minister will make it hard to digest. At times, it is normal for the top officials to say that they leave the office for an hour early and or leave office immediately at office closing time.

Why such a fascinating decision?
Sanna said, the reason behind this announcement was to let employees spend more time with their families. And if this plan is accepted, employees can spend more time with their families. Sanna, says next step in life is flexible working and the right time spent with family should be essential, As human’s life span is becoming very short; in that they spend half of their life running behind money only.

Existing situation
In Finland, Currently working eight hours a day was in practice. It is also said that there are five days of work a week. In the past year 2015, Sweden went ahead and accepted a six-hour workday. The result of this system was such that, it showed happy employees with high productivity. Will Sanna's plan be implemented If so it will be most welcomed.

Success Formula
The practice, which was already accepted in 'JAPAN', has resulted in increased production than before. The 'GUARDIAN', a reputable company based in New Zealand, is following a four-day work week since 2018. In this regard, the founder of the company, this practice has greatly increased the production of our company. It is worth to note that the profits have been increased for sure.

So, what do you think will working 6 hours a day be implemented in your country?

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