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Published year: 2020

For easy reference i have listed all the documents required as per registration department. This may subject to change as per revision in amendments. The list developed below was for Indian citizens only. I would try to analyse and prepare a list for other countries too. please bare with me.

Here comes the understanding part, some documents given below might not required for Rural area and some not required for Urban area. Finally registration documents varies with state to state of the country. Each state Govt. had launched a website for application, token and online verification of the list below. An example website link looks like ( https://tnreginet.gov.in/ ) the list below also example from Tamil nadu state registration department requirements.

Some words are explained for meaning purpose which rarely used to be written in your documents. Most documents required by other states registration department are literally same.

Patta: This is the document deed given by the Revenue Department indicating that particular land is registered in the name of the individual.

Chitta: This is another document issued by the Revenue Department indicating the particulars of a given land, its usage, and the name of the person on whom it is registered.

Adangal: This is a document issued by the Revenue Department indicating the details of the location of the land in the given main area, the present usage, etc.

Grama Natham: The land reserved and earmarked for residential occupation in each village.

Gramadhanam: Reservation of a specific land for common usage in the village.

Devadhanam: Donating a particular piece of land for the temple usage.

Inamdhar: This word identities the person who donated his land for a public purpose.

Vistheeranam (area): Marks the boundaries of the concerned land owned.

Sharathau: Section (Pirivu in Tamil)

Ialaka: Department

Krayam: Documenting the sales of property from one to another.

Villanga certificate: This documents (from Registration Department) helps identify if any landowner commits the crime of reselling the owned property for a second time after having sold it once earlier.

Pula Yenn: the measurement details of the land.

Iranugrimai: Right of heredity (claimed by the authorized/proven) heir.

Thaaipathiram: These documents establish the previous owner of the land in question.

Yetradhu Aatrudhal: The promise to fulfil the specific allotted task.

Anubhavabhadyatahai: The right to use the specified land.

Swadheenam Oppadaippu: Handing over the property right of the land.

Jamapandhi: Revenue Tribunal.

Nanseinilam: The land with good irrigation/agricultural growth.

Punsei Nilam: The type of land which depends on rainwater for irrigation purposes.

Kuthagai (Leasing): Giving or taking the right to use the specified property for a specified period with some specified conditions.

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