Finding the Right Job in Canada is easier for any Nationality // : Finding the Right Job in Canada is easier for any Nationality

You are looking for a job, but you do not know how and where. Listed top 10 tips which helps you successfully organize yourself and makes you find a job easily.
Personal care is more important in job search:
Looking for work can cause stress and strong negative emotions. Feelings can vary from loss to denial, anxiety, anger and depression. Positive habits such as eating well, exercising, resting and meditating are essential for dealing with stress while looking for a job. Treat job search as a full-time job and, at the end of the day, take the time to focus on other things in your life.

Analyse and find your strength:
What aspects are you looking for in a job? What kind of work would be best for you? Looking for a job starts with preparation and planning. Record your personal characteristics such as values, interests, skills and experience. A complete list can help you choose a realistic work goal that meets your needs and help you create or review your resume and prepare for job interviews.

Know the market present situation:
Before you start searching, it is useful to search for the job market in the region of your choice. There are many resources available to help you with your labor market research, including the internet, the library, employment agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, job fairs, business guides and professionals.
Finding the Right Job in Canada is easier for any Nationality

Search for referrer:
Leads can be found by contacting professionals in organizations that have a need, ability or access to people who hire employees with skills similar to yours. If the organization you contact does not recruit staff, ask them to be referred to other organizations that offer jobs that match your qualifications.

Search deeply for hidden requirement in the market:
About 80% of jobs and contracts in small businesses are not placed and are offered orally. Calling cold, it can bear fruit. Look on the internet or in the telephone book for your details.

Combination of job search
You can increase your chances of success by combining your strategy to gain access to the labor market. Maintain a routine by searching daily local, regional, and national newspapers, the internet, and job sites at employment agencies. Records all network contacts, cover letters, interviews, referrals and follow-ups.
Visit job sites & Govt recruitment sites every day:
Job sites change every day, so it’s important to stay up to date. Here are some sites to check:
BC Jobs
Jobs in Canada
Future work
Career builder
T-Net task
EC Europe
Employment Forum Canada

Write an effective letter of application and curriculum vitae,
Cover letter and Resume:
Include a cover letter with every CV you submit. The cover letter is your marketing tool and may not duplicate your resume. This one-page cover letter attracts the attention of the employer and encourages them to view your resume. State your interest in the position and organization, describe your trad-able qualifications, provide contact information and request an interview.
Always write a resume to focus on a specific position within an organization. The job description helps you clearly identify how you meet the qualifications and skills required for the job. Format your resume to show that you meet all the requirements of the job description. If you have problems creating or evaluating your CV, use a professional CV service provider.

Organize your work experiences in chronological order:
Today, more and more employers are asking candidates to provide examples of their work. It is a good idea to give examples of your work, education, performance and recognition in a portfolio when you talk about your experiences in an interview.

How to attend an interview?
The better prepared you are for the job interview, the less nervous you are and the greater the chance that you will succeed. Like any skill, practice makes perfect, so don’t get into a poorly prepared interview. This can be your first interview in days or weeks, so you can’t afford not to be prepared. Search for web-based interview skills, follow lessons, find an interview coach and train with a friend.
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