How to Improve Male Fertility by Guava leaf //

As for as the present days scenario concerned, it reveals us that Telecommunication signals, Food habits, Work and Rest hour imbalance, Laptop or computer radiations, Air pollution, injected chicken, cow, goat, Genetic Mutation in vegetables and animals for fast growing and high yield, etc... causing this planet to be unfit for supporting life. The same causing infertility in human beings. Untill unless we wake up and change everything immediately, this earth will be no more!!!

Let's have a simple remedy to increase Males Fertility:
How to Improve Male Fertility by Guava leaf 

Guava leaf helps in producing Sperm, it promote weight loss and cures diarrhea, dysentery troubles.

Steps to prepare for consumption:

  • Take good quality guava leaf and carrots, wash then properly.
  • Slice the carrots and put them first in the bowl.
  • Finally put guava leaves on it and boil them with water, till it is properly cooked.
Take a glass of this soup every day twice preferably morning and at night. You may prepare more if the concentration of the soup is decreasing. Withdraw from sex till the medication starts to react, approximately it should at least take a week or more. After a week off, meet with your wife then you will get a good news from medical checkup.

Off from topic, just boil the leaf and consume the soup for weight loss and to stop diarrhea or dysentery.

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