How Can I Add My Website to Google News and Drive Organic Traffic //

What Should I do to Get My Website Added to Google News and Drive Huge Traffic
Author: pradeep  Date: Jan 2020

Do you know!!! You can get thousands of visitors to your site from Google News!
Active smart bloggers, Every day news publishers, and digital marketing experts are already tapping into this huge resource for targeted traffic and better search engine visibility.
Google News is reserved for sites and blogs that publish periodical, attractive articles. You don’t necessarily need to be a news site but if you are consistently posting newsworthy content it’s possible to get accepted. 

What is NEWS?

A major search engine like Google defines news as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events searched at huge volume.”

If you’re at the forefront of your industry and reporting information that’d be of interest to your audience on a timely basis, then you’re a news publisher.
Google News is a content syndication platform which is introduced by Google inc. to help organize and fetch the world’s news to customers in many ways and to make it more accessible to its users, like a news XML.
Google News sends 5.8 billion clicks per month to publishers all over the world as of 2019 and this is expected to increase by 3-4% every year. Even if you get just 0.0005% of these clicks to your web site will be 29,000 views, makes you famous. Do the math.

By the way don't think its easy to get approval, it’s a challenge in many ways to get your website indexed as a news publisher by the Google News sitemap file crawler and your articles indexed and ranked in Google News.

That's why i am here to give you some of the best practices for getting added to Google News XML sitemap and how you can get real time organic traffic.

As we are not professional journalists but,  Adhere to the Principles of Good Journalism.
If you look at recent additions to the Google News sitemap syndication platform, you’ll notice that Google, for the first time, is no longer 100% focused on news-related “current events” kind of  content. You can tell that just by looking at the meta tags.
It’s evolved over the years as a news sitemap, leveling the playing field for bloggers, content creators, and news publishing experts. This evolution may not be obvious from the search term headlines but the content reveals this expansion.
However, the principles of good journalism haven’t been discarded by this major search engine. Google still cares about the style and substance of articles, especially as part of its XML. Good journalism is all about being honest and true as possible.
Why do you think the Google XML sitemap crawls, indexes, and publishes third party website content from CNN, BBC, Times Now, NDTV, The Wall Street Journal, Dalal Street and others in its search results?
One of the reasons is because these sites are created and managed by Media professionals, who's core job objective is to bring the true news first and publish the same online before their competitor and adhere to strict standard journalism practices. They’re transparent and just take a look at their search history and you can see they have a big team works behind the scene to bring those news to us.

To be included in news XML’s your reporting must be original, honest, and well-structured with quality anchor texts and meta tags.

Standard journalism is all about investigation more or less hybrid of detective agency and reporting by risking themselves. It is not just about search engine optimization. So, before reporting any news, you should be able to investigate a story and authenticate it. But, at present media journalism are commercialised, covering only popular faces, celebrities gossips, etc...

For your story to strike a chord with editors, who will in turn syndicate it at Google News, servicebloggers recommends that you present information from the most to the least important content types.

There’s an established approval process to get your stories featured on the XML sitemap of Google News. But, before you apply, follow these guidelines:

1. Don’t copy from other sites. Write original news based articles.
First and foremost, you need to make sure that your stories are original.
A major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask doesn’t want to syndicate the same piece of content copied from web and it’s search algorithm will pull you up. You’ve got to make your story original with accurate data points from credible sources. Wherever you got your information from, whether it’s trawling through search history, sitemap files, or exploring web pages, it should be unique.
Take a look at the Google News homepage. All of the featured stories are original content with credible sources. And, no site is ranked more than once for its stories.

Imagine Google reporting a story that’s false, it would be a major metasearch engine disaster. Is int it! Google search engine has invested more on their advertisement and also trusted by more than a billion users all around the world.
Google is equally concerned with Author rank. I.e how much he is searched online and how many are talking about him.
There’s no better way to become a reputable author than to write for other news and magazine sites. If you’ve never written for trusted news web sites, such as Forbes, Inc. or Business Insider, you need to begin that now to get approved in Google News.

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