How to Quit Your Job / Employer professionally

How to quit your job

Worldwide there is a high percentage of employees who feel dissatisfied with their current jobs, whether due to a bad work environment, low pay, too much stress or ill treatment by their superiors, there are many who finally make the decision to leave your job and start a new path, but it is not always easy to take the step, so in a How we explain how to quit your job without harming your image

Pointed out some of ideas to follow:

1.First of all think about quiting and evaluate your next motives, if you consider them powerful enough to make you consider a new job or self employment, then do not hesitate and take the step.

2.The first thing is to leave when you have a good image, Leaving with bad name because or what ever reasons like back stabing. that is why resign well in advance, especially if you hold a position that you know will be difficult to fill. It is clear that it cannot always be done in this way, but it is the ideal scenario especially when you already have some time working in that company

3. Be honest, although the situation of quitting your job can sometimes be uncomfortable, it is important that both your boss and your colleagues know the reason for your departure, if you have found another job, if you plan to open your own business, if you will take a year sabbatical, telling the truth can help you keep an open door or readiness for a recommendation

4. Facilitate the things that follow, leave your boss a list with your contacts and with the information of interest, leave a status of your projects in case one has not been completed yet, inform your customers, suppliers and colleagues of your departure to Be aware that soon someone else will take care of your affairs. These measures are not only pure courtesy, but they define you as a true professional

5. Avoid talking at all costs about the company, either at the time of resignation, during your last days at work or in any future job interview, because that will only make you look bad. If the company did not meet your expectations, report that you have new professional goals that you want to meet, but do not make strong criticisms on or off the job, stay professional.

6. Thank your boss and your coworkers, remember that the world is going around a lot and that the work field is smaller than it seems, so it is important to say goodbye and thank all those who collaborated with you every day

7. If the reason that leads you to resign is the bad work environment or the bad treatment of your supervisor it is very important that you appeal to your emotional intelligence, both at the time of submitting your resignation and in the remaining time you will spend within the company. Maintaining control and maturity is vital in the workplace

8. Request your letters of recommendation, the material for the realization of a portfolio or everything you want for future work references before leaving the company, because for some employers it is very annoying to have to take care of that time after the employee no longer is there

9. If possible, leave the door open, say goodbye with courtesy and if you were lucky enough to make friends within the workplace do not forget to keep in touch and try to keep them over time, as this is usually one of the best things left after leaving a job. Good luck!


Avoid heated waivers, if an argument or conflict has led you to think about quitting your job, don’t make the decision with a hot head or you might regret it, approach the higher management with the complaint about superiors act as per companies rules with the evidence attached.

Remember to be cordial, mature, professional and considerate, even if the company has not treated you like this

If you have obtained a better job, do not act in an impertinent way shouting at the four winds, because you could hurt sensibilities, share it only with who you know will be happy for you.

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