How to relieve stress at work place //

How to relieve stress at work place
Author: Pradeep. Date: Jan 2020

It may seem almost impossible to find time to relieve stress at work, but a few 'minutes well spent' can dramatically increase productivity, enjoyment and health.

How to relieve stress at work place

What should we do to relieve stress at work?

Humorous Survival Games

Relaxing music

Family pictures


Steps to follow:

1.Breathe deeply several times, allowing your rib cage and belly to expand when inhaled. Exhale slowly.

2.Find a change of place. Get away from your job, even a walk through the water cooler, can help you sort your thoughts and focus on the task at hand.

3.Laugh! Read one of your favorite jokes or just laugh out loud to take away stress.

4.Play with a toy to relieve stress. They can be different games, such as a mini-basketball hoop, darts, a stress ball or a punching bag.

5.Close your eyes and listen to relaxing music.

6.Try to visualize yourself resting in your favorite vacation spot or finishing the great presentation with ease.
How to relieve stress at work place

Additional Advice:

Add useful reminders in the screensaver, or add a phrase or a joke that makes you laugh.

Use common sense and keep in mind what is appropriate for your workplace.

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