How to use full Brain & conscious mind efficiently and not letting it diminish //

How to use full Mind Efficiency in a competitive world is more concerned topics among young entrepreneurs and people working in the corporate world. Mind Efficiency can not be measured but can evaluate through actions. Humans are the only creature in the earth who are ruling this world for centuries. Yuval Noah Harari, an author of the book “Sapiens,” wrote in his book that we are here on earth because of our brain capacity to organize resources and stay in the community. 

Humans creative thoughts is the process by which you can achieve your goals in life. 

For creative thinking, competition, business, knowledge, writing, etc. you need good organization. From our birth, we can see the food to survive, natural resources, eco-system, air circulation, everything in an organized way. We can see the living of people, entertainment, food, daily activities that have made to a definite system. When we start to study at playgroup, we face more order, planning, and organization. So, from our life’s starting to the funeral, we must organize our activities, our happiness, joy, sorrow, and our thinking.
We should organize our mind in general – for all things, throughout life. If we can manage to arrange our minds, we can maintain and organize our life itself. 

Expertise in Your Mind Efficiency:

According to Charles Darwin, “The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we organize that we ought to control our thoughts.” In business, we can find a few companies manage to identify the importance of the organization long ago. The organization in the business usually is the Systematization of resources and people to fulfill human needs and wants.
Have you ever noticed the chef working in a kitchen during the busy hour? He makes every move with purpose. Chef manages food ingredients in a way that helps to prepare dishes in a short time with minimal effort. They can reach the ingredients even without watching them.

One of the customers may order fried chicken in the KFC counter. The chef immediately puts marinated chicken in hot oil, put in a tray with tissue and sauces and serve to the guest in one continuous movement. 
That is a systematic way of being a fast food chef. The same example applied in every other field of work as well. Every area you are working on should be in the fastest, most efficient, most comfortable, and the best way of doing anything concisely.

In the 21st century, efficiency and organization are implicitly essential for success. When you feel something can be done to your efficiency level, there is only one person responsible for doing – You! Unfortunately, there are more talkers and wishers instead of doers. 
You live the way you think

Most of the psychological researchers and memory king identified that the way you think – you will become. You need to organize your thinking precisely to solve your problem efficiently at a decent time. You need to know your thinking is to address the issues or to make matters more complicated. When we hear, see, touch, or experience, we react mentally, the mental reactions come from our thinking and knowledge in our mind. If you systematically organize your mind full of knowledge and expertise, you can find a better way to solve your problems instant.

You can use this skill when someone insults you; by Russell Lyons “The only graceful way to accept an insult is to ignore it; if you can’t ignore it, top it; if you can’t top it, laugh at it, and if you can’t laugh at it, it’s probably you deserve.”
The way of thinking will direct your life. Think accurately, sharply, and efficiently, and success and happiness must come to you. Open your mind to the Infinite Game that sucks imagination, organization, creativity to upgrade your life to the next level. 

There is no only way to solve the problems. If you open your mind and think outside the box – it will give you unlimited answers to one question. Think and examine from every possible angle. For example: Here is the Roman Numeral IX. Can you add just one sign or symbol to this Roman numeral, and change it into the number 6? 
If you failed to solve that problem well, add “S” in front of the letters IX, and you’ve formed the word “SIX.” People who are habitual of thinking about things from different angles will solve a question like this almost immediately.

Think – Don’t Daydream
If your thinking just daydreams, you reach nowhere. Don’t misunderstand – until and unless your vision is constructive, inspiring, motivational is not applied will not get any result. You want to become multi-billionaire in a short time will not make you productive. You need to work out on this that lead you to earn money. Then, that ultimately leads you to muti-billionaire. Most successful people give their speech in a way that is very easy to accomplish. Hard work appropriately allied and intelligently, and thinking in an organized manner must lead to success. 

It is the Mind Efficiency that makes you rich or poor, healthy or ill, happy or sad. Because organized mind with positive thinking will absorb the required knowledge and mental resources and ultimately design your roadmap to accomplish your goal. Let us at least try to make the best use of our knowledge and mental resources, and you are on your way to a more prosperous and healthy-happy lifestyle.

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