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How to use full Brain & conscious mind efficiently and not letting it diminish //

How to use full Mind Efficiency in a competitive world is more concerned topics among young entrepreneurs and people working in the corporate world. Mind Efficiency can not be measured but can evaluate through actions. Humans are the only creature in the earth who are ruling this world for centuries. Yuval Noah Harari, an author of the book “Sapiens,” wrote in his book that we are here on earth because of our brain capacity to organize resources and stay in the community. 

Humans creative thoughts is the process by which you can achieve your goals in life. 

For creative thinking, competition, business, knowledge, writing, etc. you need good organization. From our birth, we can see the food to survive, natural resources, eco-system, air circulation, everything in an organized way. We can see the living of people, entertainment, food, daily activities that have made to a definite system. When we start to study at playgroup, we face more order, planning, and organization. So, from our life’s starting to the funeral, we must organize our activities, our happiness, joy, sorrow, and our thinking.
We should organize our mind in general – for all things, throughout life. If we can manage to arrange our minds, we can maintain and organize our life itself. 

Expertise in Your Mind Efficiency:

Man found a Rock from Mine thinking it's gold; But It Turned Out to Be Far More Valuable //

Published: Nov 2019
In 2015, David Hole was a gold digger one fine day he was prospecting in Maryborough Regional Park near Melbourne, Australia. Surveying the area with metal detector, he discovered something out of the ordinary rocks. A very heavy, reddish rock resting beneath clay and mud.
He took it home and tried everything to open it, He thought that there was a gold nugget inside the rock, Maryborough is in the Goldfields region, where the Australian gold rush peaked in the 19th century.